Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One of those days...

Had a long successful swim yesterday--I realized if I hold off on using a lot of energy in the beginning, I can actually pick up the pace mid-way through my workout and I have no problem using more speed at the end. For Ironman, I would like a solid swim, but I don't want to use up too much energy since it only accounts for just over an hour of many hours of racing!

Today was another story. I did another long run today-2.5 hours, my nutrition was great, my knees were another story. I've been having knee issues in general and I kept moving, but my left knee felt like it was going to lock and the right knee was just aching. This worries me. Tremendously. I've never had injury issues in training or before a race. What also worries me is that i'm so close to Ironman so I want to protect my knees from hurting, however, i'm stressed about mileage. I've sent an email to my coach about adjusting my schedule, maybe to get in shorter runs more regularly, rather than having any more long runs. It makes me feel wimpy to request such a change---however, today was proof that I have to cut back or i'm going to be more worried about not finishing.

I kind of grasped to the idea that i've finished 3 marathons, albeit, they weren't fast or fancy, but I finished them. Each one was painful and i'll expect nothing less than a marathon at the end of an Ironman. I'm hoping that if my knees *do* hurt during the race, it won't be before mile 17 or 18 and I can finish based on adrenaline and sheer motivation. If I can go consistent for the first 3/4 of the marathon, I can suck it up and walk/run if I absolutely have to.

Although...I hate the run/walk idea only because that is what I did in my first marathon and it stunk, it takes forever.

In fact, last week, when I ran with Dave's Garmin, I picked up the pace considerably and my knees hurt after, but not during--so i'm wondering if i'm slacking in the "form" department and not picking up my knees enough--thus putting more strain on them.

Anyway enough about my knee issues, what a depressing blog post! I'm looking forward to a long ride tomorrow after work and i'm not sure what else I have, i'll have to look at my schedule. I'm getting more excited for Ironman in general, i've been re-reading a few books I have for inspiration and it makes me smile to think that I have a chance to feel that same excitement. It's been such a long time coming--i'm almost ready!

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Kir said...

I hate to say it but it's good that you are addressing your knee issue now before the race by trying to cut back on longer runs. You are talking to a girl who apparently had knee issues for quite some time and never really paid attention to them....and now after knee surgery this summer and being told I can no longer run, play tennis or do any high impact sports....you've gotta take care of those knees. Baby them.....do anything you can!!! It's almost race time! You'll do great!!! =)