Friday, October 5, 2007

So...what do I do..

On my days off? I thoroughly enjoy them, that is what I do! I got off work, came home and hung out with Dave--he was post-call with no sleep the night before, so he came home and slept the whole day and then when I got home, he woke up! One of the things i've learned during Ironman training is that my house is absolutely the last thing on my mind, I don't clean, vacuum, do laundry and I barely cook. The only reason I *do* cook is because I know the reality is that Dave is up and out the door by 4:45 a.m. by no choice of his own and I still have more time than he does, so I do the cooking...and he usually helps out. Ironically, I think Ironman training has us eating out more than ever since we're both really tired and we usually give in to Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) or Chili's..I know, so fancy.

It was a successful non-training day yesterday and I loved it. Vacuuming, a little bit of cleaning, still organizing our bedroom (we moved in July 1st and I literally just took the last box out of our bedroom)--that is how long it's taken us to completely unpack. I have just been too wiped out on weekends to work on our house.

Today I have a new bike fit scheduled. Due to my knee problems, my coach suggested I get my bike fit checked out, there is a chance something may not be right with the way it's fitted. Truthfully, in my opinion, nothing is more important on your bike, than your fit. If you go to a store and they don't fit you for your bike, you shouldn't be buying it there. Granted, there are different "types" of bikes, like you don't get fitted for a beach cruiser.....but, for a road bike or something you're on for a long period of time, it has to fit you or you're asking for some serious back/ankle and other assorted aches and pains. And in case you're wondering, getting your bike fitted from time to time isn't cheap: about $100-$150.00 is the going rate for an hour fit.

I also scheduled my first "Training" massage. According to other triathlete's, most get massages weekly during Ironman training. Nope! Not me, i'm as cheap as they come when it comes to that. I hate spending additional money just to make myself feel better, kind of seems silly. However, again, after my aches and pains last week with my knees and my irrational fear now of not finishing because I didn't get a massage: I scheduled one. So, from here on out, I figure if I get 3 massages in before the race, i'll be good to go! It's at a sports and wellness center, so i'm hoping whatever voodoo they "doo" on me, will work.

At home I usually use a foam roller to roll over and that helps iron out kinks in my IT band and other areas, but I think a massage will be nice and I keep telling myself somehow after all this training, I kinda deserve it? They were running specials for $60.00/hr ....not bad!

Thanks for reading about my exciting day off!

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