Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm really going to do this huh? Ironman is 5 days away...and ya know...i'm not nervous, not yet, i'm sure once I get down to Florida and I see all the hype and people in their outfits and super expensive gear, i'll get all intimidated. Or...maybe not, we're not staying at the host hotel, we're staying up the road a bit, so that will be nice and hopefully relaxing! I get excited and really anxious to see my family when it's been this long since i've seen them, so, right now, i'm most excited about that.

I found out that my coach is doing Florida for sure and I am SO excited and I hope to see her for a little bit, even if she's busy running around!

I was in Phoenix this weekend helping out my friend Angie, it was a super fun weekend, and it was wonderful to finally meet her husband--they just got married in August. I won't write about the race until she's had a chance to do that herself----but I will say, she's probably one of the toughest chicks I've ever come across. It was 92 degrees, no wind, and no shade....anywhere. She crossed that finish line and it was really inspiring to see her finish (Angie, you'd better not be rolling your eyes if you're reading this!).......she rocks!

Training from this weekend: 30 minute MOUNTAIN BIKE road ride....I road Dave's dad's mountain bike this weekend, it was terrible, but hey, I got my legs moving. 20 Minute run....felt good. And a 20 minute swim---figured out why I don't move well through water: I need to rotate my body more: mental note for Ironman: ROTATE!

Tonight i'm making a list for Ironman, especially regards to my nutrition, make sure I have enough shot bloks..god knows I have enough Pure Fit bars, we bought a box! And then trying to figure out what I want to eat for breakfast. I have to eat an INSANE amount of calories, something like 700-900 calories. I know, you're thinking, what's the big deal with that? ......I have to eat at 4:00 in the morning! That is the, I want the food to be something I *want* to eat, not something I am forcing myself to eat.

My options right now: 2 waffles/almond butter, banana, yogurt/granola (yes, all of that).
OR: 2 packets of oatmeal/banana/almond butter, yogurt/granola
OR: bagel w/egg and cheese, yogurt/granola

Ugh-I REAALLLLLY just want a bagel with honey and half a banana, but apparently for Ironman, they're nutrient, I need protein and other lovely items before I race. Go figure.

I hope Walmart isn't all picked over by the time I have to go buy food at Superwalmart in Panama City Beach, since I KNOW that is probably what they got down there..from my living in Pensacola experience. =0

To answer a question in advance: Why Almond Butter? Because it's easier on my stomach than peanut butter these days....


Angie said...

Good luck Girl. You are gonna do awesome! Thank you for the kind words. And yes i did roll my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Seriously - is it only five days away?! I can't wait for you to have this moment--or should I say hours? :) Love ya! Lauren

Kir said...

I love you and I'm sending you TONS of good vibes and thoughts this ENTIRE week! IT was sooo great talking to you last week even if it was short and because I was freaking out if you and Dave were okay! Keep your head up and stay positive! Take care of those knees! I love you!