Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Flat Tires....

So, it doesn't look really bad--however, my middle finger is having extreme difficulty with typing and bending in general. Very long story short so I don't have to type much. I got a flat tire on my 3 hour ride what point in my ride did it happen? Of course, 30 minutes into my ride. I was also at the turn around point on the strand, so I was absolutely no where near my car. That was fine though, because I was "super prepared and super patient Mer". I had two tubes and two CO2 cartridges. That should be fine right? Wellllll.. It took me about 40 minutes, but I finally had the new tube in and tire on, inflated a bit.

I began to inflate my tire with my CO2 cartridge and I went to pull it off (the valve was at the top, since I've heard you're supposed to pump your tires with the valve at the top). So, I pulled down to get the cartridge off and it was stuck. And so I pulled harder and before I knew it, I pulled so hard that not only did I break the valve off the NEW tube---so air was coming out, but in the same time, I whacked my hand down and it got STUCK briefly on my rear dérailleur. I can't even tell you how badly it hurt. Bad enough to whack the back of your hand, but have it get briefly stuck on little jagged pieces of metal...YIKES. I said a couple of F words and a few other expletives that my mom would be horrified to hear come out of my mouth. Then, a guy came out of his house and he's like "Do you need help," I gave in. I initially told him no, I wanted to do it myself---i've changed a flat, but always with someone. And it was a gorgeous day, and I was just going to be New Mer, not impatient. Well, after I could hear the air coming out of the NEW tube valve, and he also pointed out that there was a huge bubble under my tire, so the tube wasn't laying flat anyway...I was so embarassed and angry with myself and then he saw my hand, which at that time had blood bubbles on top of it, and he's like "Just let me help."

So, I go, 'what are you a mechanic or something,' as he pops off the tire and my 2nd tube in no time, and he's like "yeah, i'm a mechanic and i've also restored old bikes for about 20 years".......GULP. So, anyway---I couldn't claim I did it all myself, but I was PREPARED and I can do it!! I just need some time and patience! And a new Co2 dispenser.

Very long story short, my hand hurts: I rode for 2.25 hours yesterday and ran for 20 (shorter workout than prescribed but I was absolutely spent, tired and VERY hungry since I got all off spending over an hour trying to figure out my tube etc).

Today was awesome!!! I did 11 miles in 90 minutes which averages out to be a 8:12 mile. My legs felt great. Go figure =0. I was very hungry when i'm done......nothing new there! The best part was, I was pushing, but it wasn't what I would call race pace, so I felt good and kept trying to keep that in the back of my mind, my long runs are supposed to be at a good pace, but not race pace.

Earlier in the week I did another long 60 minute swim and a 60 minute ride..not bad.

Here is one more pic for the road, since I never post pictures =0. I took a "self portrait" it's from today after my run.......Dave wasn't here to take a shot, so you just get me with my racing tails hair! I need a hair cut and some serious highlights..yikes, i'm almost a brunette....egads!

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Shan said...

Ouchie!! I hear ya on having bike mishaps...last weekend during our long ride, I slipped out of my right cleat as we were rolling out at a green light, and BAM, fell right on my side (practically into a car!!). Yeah, I was so panicky for a few minutes afterwards - gashes on the knee (and a bruised ego for sure!)...

Great job on the run! :) Hope all is well, and I hope to see you soon!