Sunday, February 24, 2008

Change of Pace..

So, I think my blog is kind of boring to some extent, so I changed up the format and I think i'll start blogging more about some things in my life (don't worry, not everything), but still training related. Reason being: I actually log all my training on a website now---so I know i'm keeping track of it that way. And for people reading this blog, it's probably redundant to continually read about detailed swim, bike and run workouts =0. SO! I changed it up a bit and Dave and I have been so bad about taking pictures, we hardly have any current, the picture on the header for my blog is actually me at one of my favorite restaurants in the Atlanta airport right before Ironman!

If you can believe it: CHILI's. I know, it's a chain, but seriously, for SALT it's amazing =0. I love their chicken fajita pita-I get the blossom sauce on the side with another side of honey mustard dressing. The more dressings and condiments, the better. But, my favorite part is: the french fries. Only the squishy ones, and if they're slightly squishy and burnt even better.

It's funny, in our house we eat really healthy, lots of fruits, veggies, protein and carbs.. we eat yogurt, nuts, good stuff----however, i'm not one to limit myself with my salt and sugar intake. I don't know, it doesn't really seem to serve me much purpose. Like, the two years where I drank 8 glasses of water a day. No effect on my training what-so-ever, it just made me had to pee .....a lot. I didn't feel particularly any different, my skin wasn't "amazing." So, I tend to think people go a little overboard in the "way" healthy category. I like Chili's and I love french fries. So there!

I will say, I really don't like all, they give me a stomach ache and I dont' live by the theory that a lot some people continually tell me "wow, with all that training, you can eat whatever you want." Not really the case. Maybe in terms of calories, yes, but things that I eat daily, come back to haunt me the next day in me. Last year I ate a burger the night before my track workout the next day with my coach Amanda. Huge mistake. I ended up on the porto potty and had awful stomach cramps the whole day.

Enough on food! Long story short: got in some solid training the past few days:
Friday: Hill work, I really did the hills well (60 min).
Saturday: 3 hour ride with 5x10 minutes going at race pace. 53 miles total, followed by a 20 minute run
Today: i'm supposed to run for 90 minutes with 8 strideouts.

Unfortunately today it is absolutely downpour of rain. For the rest of you in freezing America, this may not be a big "boo hoo," I know, but i'm actually going to run on the treadmill for another reason. There is a rapist who has been targeting female joggers in the morning, around San Diego. He has struck in Solana Beach (right along highway 101, in a highly populated area) and then a little further inland in La Mesa. I would have liked to have run around Balboa Park today for a long run, but that place is just a haven for trees and other places where someone could jump out at me. This guy is using a gun to force women off their path. It's sick enough that I literally look over my shoulder while running in where I assume is a safe area----it just goes to show there is always some sicko out there putting us all on edge.

So--for now, i'm gearing up for 90 minute treadmill run. Ugh. The last time I was on a treadmill: June in Puerto Vallarta. Now all the people in the freezing cold weather on their treadmills daily---are rolling their eyes!! It'll be a test of strength that is for sure--running for that long on the treadmill!!

Worth it though---every second, knowing i'll be's hoping that they catch this jerk very soon!

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