Monday, June 2, 2008

How much..

Does it take to truly *wipe* me out?? It takes a lot actually, I tend to do okay with longer workouts, but this weekend truly tested my motivation and my dedication.

Starting with Friday-I had a one hour masters swim and then ran for 2 hours in the afternoon (13.5 miles--at a low heart rate, so nothing crazy), but enough to tire my legs.

Saturday-4 hour ride (60 miles with hills) followed by what was supposed to be a 40 minute run starting at a high heart rate and tapering off a bit, but my knees were hurting a bit, so I actually just did a 10 minute run, I know, wimpy, but I knew I had a long hill run today, so I didn't want to push, I did the 10 minute run =0.

Sunday-75 minute hill run with a 3 hour ride (low heart rate).

I write this truly......wiped out. By the time the last hour of my ride today, I had nothing left. I was physically tired, my feet hurt, I realized my sunscreen didn't do all of what it was supposed to, I was hungry...and when I looked down and my watch read 2:40 and I had twenty minutes left, I wanted to cry.

Kind of dramatic? I know--but, I was just so tired of moving!

Saturday was a hard day for me, not so much in distance, but for more of a sappy reason. Dave works on average 80 hours a week and Saturday was the first day on a weekend in probably six weeks that he had the full day off---meaning he wasn't "post-call," on call, or before call, or sleep deprived. And.....I had a semi-long day of training. So, what did I do? I got up at 6:30 and started my day as early as I could. Honestly, I wanted nothing more than to start my day by eating breakfast and hanging out with Dave. But, I knew that I had been traveling a lot in the past two weeks and I *really* needed to get in my training.

And.....Dave wouldn't have it any other way---he's just as diligent with his marathon training so he was all quick to say he would be excited to sleep in (since i'm usually awake earlier eager to start planning our day), he ended up sleeping til 10:30 a.m. (I guess when you get up at 4:30 a.m. everyday, 10:30 is a TREAT!) =0, and he did some reading....

I was so excited when I was driving home and I saw him just starting his run =0 at 1:00, he just ran a short run, but I was glad that he wasn't sitting around waiting for me. He's got plenty of hobbies (guitar, running) and reading to do---but, it always helps me in my training to know he's just as busy.

I never feel guilty for training, I just miss Dave! So, there--cheesy, but true.

I told him I my dream training day would be for him to ride with me. See, he has a bike, a really nice one actually---it has dust on it, the wheels are flat and i'm pretty sure the chain is rusted. But, man, it's a really nice bike----he actually likes to ride...but, he really loves running. So---one of these days he said he'd ride with me and I would love that! The thing is though, I am just happy we both have things that we love to do--and we can do them together or separately and we're ok with that!

The point of this post is this weekend was definitely a boost for me, it was a reminder to myself that I am still capable of pushing myself hard and that encourages me more for Ironman. Trust me, there are many a moment when I ask myself why I train this much? And today, I realized, I just like it--simple as that--I like working really really hard for something, like finishing a race....and finishing it.

I realized that it's possible to run alone for two hours and cycle alone for four hours and enjoy it--I don't need to rely upon anyone to "make me" workout or train (Ok, with the exception of the 6:30 a.m. masters swim =0), I do it because I really do love it----and that's just that.


Lauren said...

That's great! You don't need any reason other than that. You summed it up - you just like it. If it's important to you and you like it, even better :) So, what did you and Dave wind up doing on his day off?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mer, i know just how you feel about your hubby being gone. Duane works a lot of hrs and he's in school. So we don't have much time for each other. On sundays all i want to do is sleep in and cuddle with my hubby. But i know i have to run early because of the heat. Honestly, some days i do skip stuff so i can hang out with him!!