Thursday, July 17, 2008

Packing for Vineman!

I was thinking as I was packing....i've actually traveled to more races than not...and it's AMAZING how much LESS stuff I have for a half ironman than a full. Man.....Ironman, I had five bags for the day of the race, a bazillion "what if I need a.....(enter your favorite pain reliever/anti-stomach issue pill) and the list goes on. I had vaseline, extra's of everything.

I had to laugh, my nutrition on my counter is all set and I feel like i'm missing something, but when I go through the race....nope, it's all there! I'm doing liquid calories during the bike. I"ll have some margarita shot bloks on hand (YUM) just in case I feel the need to "chew." I have a bazillion salt tablets to take throughout. My goal is 2 salt tablets every 30 minutes when I get about 20 minutes or so into the ride.

See--I may be fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants in my blog writing and all over the place, but if it's one thing I have down is packing for my race and walking through my nutrition. Is the nutrition plan perfect, eh, I don't really know, i've had good luck with it, but i'm most concerned at this point about the heat. I have plenty of calories figured out, it's just going to depend on what my body will take in as far as water/salt on the run. I'm planning on doing the bulk of my calories on the bike and a few shot bloks/salt tablets, gatorade endurance on the run......less swishing around and more time to HAMMER on the run. I'm doing it, i'm envisioning myself being fast. I refuse to let heat push me down. Hey, you know, everyone else is going to be hot too, but I can't let that hold me back!

I've been training since February for this race. It's my first triathlon of the season....and I chuckled when someone said to me recently "oh, yeah, your age group is really fast (enter laugh) and just don't try to keep up."


Thanks for the overwhelming positivity! At first I was like...what's that supposed to mean?? Then, I got over it was just funny someone would actually say that!

I don't know how i'm going to do, maybe i'll DNF, maybe it'll be really hot. Or ya know what? Maybe training since February and not racing every weekend has paid off and i'll rock the course?? I'm hoping the latter is what pans out =0

Packed, Excited and ready to roll tomorrow!! I hope to have internet connection up there so i'm takin' the laptop!



Dave said...

Good luck out there!

Bonnie said...

Have a great race and have fun! Glad Dave will be there. Nothing like an experienced dedicated Sherpa!

Jennifer Harrison said...

GOOD luck Mer and have a super race! Stay positive and it will all work out for you!! I will watch you online....I have some friends and athletes there as well, so I will be watching! :)

Shan said...

Mer, you are SO strong - go out there and kick some butt!! I'll be sending all my speed and energy :)

HUGS!!! :)

Mer! said...

Thanks for all your wishes.....i'll have my great Sherpa Dave out there helping me out, and with Shannon sending fast-legs and energy, combined with some positivity, something good has gotta happen right??

Thanks so much!

Lauren said...

My favorite comment - internet access! Of course :) You will do great, I know it. You have worked so hard for this. Good luck and I can't wait to hear the results.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mer!!!

Paul said...

Good luck!

Jennifer Yake said...

Go Mer Go!