Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ready to rock....

After Dave got here super late last night, we slept in this morning and finally left the room about 10:00 reason to rush, the expo thing was going all day, but I wanted to just get my stuff dropped off and out of the expo area. I was hoping to run into a few people I knew, but I didn't see anyone.....

So, I got on my bike and headed out to ride the run course. I was. so. relieved. It's ALL rolling, no surprise hills like in Wildflower. Well, technically, Wildflower wasn't surprising, I was just in denial the whole race. The run is totally rolling, with I think a few places where yeah, they're little hills, but i'm hoping it's just the heat that makes me suffer, not the actual course =0.

The heat by the way. Awesome, it was only about 80 and had a breeze. I was so worried about 100 degrees, humid and just "in your face hot"..but it really wasn't. If it's like it was today, tomorrow will be hot for sure, but hopefully not unbearable.

We grabbed some food on the way to Guerneville and stopped at a brewery...the view was awesome, right on the river. And, with the laid back atmosphere, came the laid back service, which on any other day than today, I would have been fine with, but I was starving at this point, we ate lunch way too late 2:30 so I knew it would throw me all off for dinner (as it was, we sat down to dinner at about 8:30 =0).

We parked at Johnson's beach and couldn't find parking, so Dave....sat in the car while I swam for a bit. It was hilarious. I actually didn't see anyone "swimming." I saw people in inner tubes, on rafts, canoe's, kayak's and playing football. Swimming was interesting, but I got enough in to feel the water. I got out before I felt anymore rediculous with the sunbathers staring at me with my yellow swim cap on.

Got back to the car, did a quick "behind the car door change" and we were off to drive the bike course. I can't say enough about the bike course, it looks gorgeous, and again..ROLLING! Wahoo! Ok, so there are a few places that I can tell i'll have to come out of the saddle, but it should be pretty quick. There is one long "climb," towards the end, but from what we could tell the course has a lot of turns, but it really feels like most of time you're either going downhill, flat or maybe a roller.

I had been nervous about the course, since Wildflower and Big Kahuna last year kept me honest in my training, having done hills this year for Vineman--I was nervous I didn't do enough hills. Hopefully...I did.

Of course, this could all change tomorrow, who knows! My wave goes off at 8:14 a.m. or something like that, we're hoping to get to the area early to avoid traffic and I can just chill and eat a leisurely breakfast and not freak out about porto potty runs since everyone else will mostly be gone by the time my wave starts.

We had the best dinner tonight at a place called East/West Cafe and it was all hummous, veggies, a lot like our favorite place in San Diego, Soltan Banoo....I had the seafood kabob, brown rice, with grilled pineapple and hummous, tabouli..I had to control myself not to get stuffed. Totally awesome dinner!

Ok, headed to bed soon! Thank you guys for all your wishes for the race, being here just made me realize how excited I am to just go out and enjoy the race and not get caught up in all the timing and what not. I'm lucky that Dave and I can both have fun up here and really enjoy the area. Super fun!

Off to bed!

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