Monday, July 28, 2008


Slackin in house cleaning, blog writing, laundry, dog walking, reading my prescribed book club book, but thankfully i'm not slacking in training. It's that time of year kids, when the training schedule gets tighter and everything else kinda falls by the wayside. So, please, do yourself a favor, if you're going to stop by our house, please call before you do'll give me just enough time to run the lysol around the toilet basin and give it a scrub.

Actually, on second thought, Dave and I should throw a party at some point, just so I have an excuse to dust off the t.v. area and fold laundry that has been sitting in the dryer since I got home from Vineman last week. Yikes, i'm really behind. Naturally, you can see where my priorities blog writing. I'd be devastated though if through all my absent-mindedness, I lost blog readers! Um, ok, sorry, I wouldn't be really that upset, since honestly, I write this blog to get my thoughts out and if you're reading this than I actually apologize, i'm not great with "wisdom" or words, rather, i'm wordy and I talk a lot and my thoughts tend to all run together. When Dave and I started dating he used to make fun of me because I would start a sentence and end with a completely different topic. You have to *really* pay attention when I talk to follow my thought process =0.

Post-Vineman, I sat on my butt.

I wish! I actually took Monday off and drove home, Tuesday training resumed as scheduled. Granted it was an easy, cheesy rest of the week, but then the reign of Amanda came down and smacked me hard this weekend with a 3.5 hour ride that involved not only a time trial, but hill riding, followed by a 45 minute run with 3x1 mile hard. She means business. Then, a long run for 90 minutes with 30 moving, 30 hard, 30 hardest..something like that.

Then, she calls me today to find out how my weekend went. Sweet!? Hehe, no, i'm super lucky to have a coach that truly cares about how i'm feeling, what i'm doing, if i'm stressed, if my legs hurt..whatever *it* is, Amanda wants to know and I told her last week I ended up swimming on my own instead of masters because seriously, I could NOT get my butt out of bed in the morning, I was too wiped out from Vineman, so I just swam on my own and she thought it was great I was listening to myself and just making my own "calls," when necessary.

So! This weekend went great, training wise and we also fit in some family time w/Dave's brother up in the ever-infamous "OC," was great to see my niece Bella and my sister-in-law, Brie.....we got in some popcorn and saw the new Batman. It was great! We capped off the weekend at a beach bbq with some friends and ate some s'mores....YUM.

The weather seems to be cooling off a east coast friends will be so mad, it was 65 last night at 6:00 and I had on a fleece and pants at the beach. Absolutely perfect beach weather....I love how it cools off here at night, even during July when it's 85 during the day, the temperature always drops at night, San Diego rocks!

Ok, so now i'm about to ignore the laundry and dust and make sure I don't stink before I go to my book club for a book that sits on my nightstand...all 500 pages....that I haven't read. Well, technically i'm on page......4. Good thing these girls like me and I manage to find *something* to say even when I haven't read the book....go figure.

In case anyone is wondering: my next race: The Boulder Long Course, Sunday, Aug. 10th.....and i'm racing it with my sisters who are SO excited to be training for a longer distance right guys? Trinette would like french fries instead of salt tablets while she is racing and Dawn has requested a new IT band...anyone???

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Lauren said...

Your blog cracks me up! Maybe that is why we get along so well...I start saying something and end on a totally different topic! Mads gets confused, too!
I say Dave gets you a cleaning lady for your early birthday/anniversary present. Training is clearly more important :) You've worked way too hard to miss a day cleaning! My mom always told me that dirt and dust will always be there...opportunities aren't!