Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Colorado Trip (race report to come..pictures first!)

It's always bittersweet for me when I come back from Colorado.

It reminds me of how much I wish I lived there. Missing moments like my niece Skyler reading for the first time, Mia-my other niece putting a huge, gargantuan, complicated puzzle all together by herself, and my nephew Finn-patting me on the leg to follow him wherever he wants to go. It's hard. I hate missing out.

But, i'm very very lucky that I come from the type of family that makes a ton of effort to be involved the best we can even in the day-to-day things in our lives despite the fact that we're far away.

I got to race with my OLDER sisters. They'll hate me for that......anyway, i'm the youngest, the brattiest and the chattiest and probably the most moody in the morning =0. We all signed up to race the long course and we all did it. I can't tell you how absolutely blown away I was by both of my sisters. Both of them are amazing people (cue: roll of the eyes from both of them). Seriously.

They're both extremely successful in their lives--Dawn worked as an attorney for a long time and now she is in "semi-retirement," until her three kids-all under the age of 5 are in school. Trinette is a physical therapist who is the director of a PT clinic in downtown Denver and manages to excel in like EVERY sport. Just an example: after our half ironman on Sunday, she played in her playoff hockey game at 10:20 p.m. at NIGHT while I was finishing off the cake (see below) There is nothing that my sisters have ever put their mind to, that they can't do--and our race was just another notch in their ever expanding belt (hehe, well you know what I mean, but I just had to say that!).

So, you kind of get the jist--they set the bar high growing up. Really high. Many people asked us this weekend if we're competitive with each other. Surprisingly, we're really not. We all have strengths and weaknesses that we help each other with. We were all just so excited for one another that the competitiveness truly lies within ourselves, not with each other.

Pictures below (more to come)

Mia and Jeff made us a cake....well, really it was Mia, Jeff just helped with the "adult" part like setting the oven and taking the cake in and out =0. It was lemon flavored. And yes, I ate some the night before the race with ice cream....and after the race.

Look closely: it's 4:45 a.m.....Jeff is ensuring our bikes are on the car properly. A sherpa's work is never done.

Dawn!! Ready to rock n roll! 4:45 a.m...

Me and Trinette..do not be fooled, the sun is shining, but I assure you, it's only 6:00a.m.

All of us. Let's get it done girls!!!

I'll write my race report a bit later! Overall it was a solid race. I didn't want to use altitude as an excuse and I didn't while I was racing, but I paid pretty good for it after the race. Stay tuned!


Lauren said...

I LOVE PICTURES! I also think Mia is the sweetest little thing ever. You have me stumped...what is the 5431? Can't wait to hear about the whole race in your report!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations to all of you. What a great event to get to race with both of your sisters.

Anonymous said...

It is SO nice that you can race with your sisters - how special! I saw the results, you had a super race! Can't wait to read the RR...welcome back! :)Jen H.

Mel said...

That is so cool that you can race with your sisters..that is for sure memories that will never be forgotten:)...Glad you ate cake before the race...I am sure that is what made you so speedy:) Looking forward to your RR!!