Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thank you!!!

For all your wishes and comments on my blog for my race!! I never know how to respond to people who write comments, like do I write back in the "comments" section, or write on someone else's, I just decided to say a quick "thank you." I love getting comments because hey, at least i'm not the only one with free time reading blogs right? =0.

Actually, my hours just got kicked back up at work, so this will leave less dead time and that's ok, i'd rather be busy "helping others," than blogging right?, well, sometimes.

I'm really really excited to head to Colorado. You know, it's funny, I was so nervous all week for Vineman and this week, i'm just so excited to see my family. A lot of people live far from their families, so I know, not a huge deal, but for me, to be able to spend time with them, see my nieces and nephews and my parents and sisters (and my cool brother in law) =0, it's really awesome. Even if it's a short weekend, it's always worth it to visit. I wish Dave could come with me, but with the weddings going on this year and other travel, we kinda had to cut back a bit!! I was so thankful he kept me company at Vineman so I wouldn't be lonely, but this time i'll have several "sherpa's" to carry my stuff. Er, I mean, cheer me on =0.

SO! I leave tomorrow and i'm supposed to be packing right now. I'm not. I'm blogging. Mistake #1.

So, what does packing entail:
1. Swim stuff: goggles, cap, wetsuit, small towel to stand on when i get out of water
2. Bike stuff: oh god the list with this is insane: salt tablets, shot bloks, water bottles, making sure I have 2 CO2 cartridges/2 spare tubes in case I flat and 3 leverage thingies for my tires-YES I KNOW I need to learn to remove a tire without the leverage thingies, but I CAN'T so if you want me to change my tires, then I have to carry things with me =0. So there.
--bike shoes, socks, helmet, glasses
3. Run stuff: visor, running shoes.....

It doesn't seem like a lot does i? Well, I also have to include my recovery powder drink that I like, body glide--ew, I know, that's the name of it. It's like deodorant, except it prevents chafing from the wetsuit, so as dorky as it sounds, it has a purpose.

I absolutely cannot pack this in less than 2 bags and a bike box. The airlines will have a FIELD day with me charging me for baggage tomorrow. And i'm sure they'll want to try and charge me for a pillow. Hmph! Fine, I won't use a pillow then =0.

I'm feeling really good, I had a masters swim this morning that went well. The conversation went like this:
"oh you have a race this weekend?"
Me: "yes, so i'm trying to take it a bit slower today."
other people: "ok, so we're you want to lead?"
Me: "um....ok, but I'm not going all out."

Sure enough I end up hauling ass, I didn't really go "all out" but at the same time, I felt kind of pushed into leading and when you lead, you can't really go "easy." So.....anyhoo, no damage done......since there was no butterfly to be had, just freestyle......

I'm really going to go pack now! =0

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Lauren said...

You will do great! I can't wait to hear about it and the family visit (of course!). Wish D & T good luck, too! I don't think we've actually spoken since Chicago! Let's catch up next week. Good luck! Love ya!