Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend recap

Last weekend my training time was way shorter, but I realize now looking back how wiped out I was after Boulder and last week marked the first time after a race that I resumed with training---as in, I raced Sunday and flew home Monday, took Tuesday off as well and started again Wednesday.

By the time I got to last weekend I was really spent--and the training I had over the weekend really took a lot out of me. It sent me into a funk, I was worried I had nothing left for the rest of the season. I've been setting a base since February, so i'm not worried about losing base fitness, but just some speed work I was nervous about. So, I was dreading this weekend worried i'd end up hungry and in tears again.

Not the case! I was shocked! Weekend recap:

Friday: 2 hour run--14 miles-- just "get the time in," level 2 run. I LOVE running at level 2, it's just a normal pace, nothing too hard but not just shuffling either. My legs were pretty worked though, can't tell if that was from the aquathlon the night before or not...probably not-I just felt like blaming it on something. I actually do need new shoes though. OH, FYI for anyone who cares, I am DONE with Mizuno's. I have two black toenails and 2 repeat blisters that have been there for months, DONE. I am testing out a pair of Saucony's a friend of mine gave me. They make me float.

Saturday: up at 6:30 a.m.-5 hour ride, 76 miles, 6,480 foot elevation gain. I worked. Really really hard for this ride. It's a well known ride in San Diego, but let's face it, i'm a "flat and love the fast" kind of girl, I hate hills, or I should say I used to hate hills. Last weekend and this weekend I incorporated more climbing and I can already feel my quads thanking me for the extra workout. I even did some climbs in the aero position since my friend Elaine said it works the glutes for running. I'm all for anything that A: makes my rear end less flabby and B: could possibly help me shuffle faster in my running! A huge shout out to Elaine who hung with me, even as I accidentally put us on HIGHWAY 15 NORTH for a brief period of time. As in yes, we were on the shoulder of a major highway. She stuck with me though and we saw some awesome San Diego east county scenery, really pretty out in Highland Valley! She rocks and it was so great to ride with her!

Sunday: 3 hour ride-53 miles, 30 minute run-3.7 miles. This ride was hard not so much because I was tired from yesterday, but our best friends here in San Diego were staying with us because they are moving to Virginia, so we threw them a goodbye "wine party" at a wine bar last night, and I knew I had to get this ride and run in today, but I wasn't about to give up time with them!! So, we had breakfast and a few tears.......and later in the day, I had to knock this ride out. Dave knew it was not an emotionally fun day for me.

So, Dave decided he would run his 10 mile run around Fiesta Island where I would be riding. Yes, I rode fiesta island for 3 hours, it's a 4 mile loop. It's mentally tough, but seriously after the climbing yesterday and knowing I would be riding past 7:00 p.m., I didn't want to venture up the Coast like I normally would. So, there I am riding....riding. I see Dave 1,2,3 times and then I knew he'd be running back to the car.

Hour 2.5 i'm like SO done with riding for the weekend and there is Dave again! He found me again and at this point he had run 11.5 miles, a bit past his distance to see me again, and he offered to go get some gatorades and he would see me at home.

So, I plug along.....and finally I was done! I head back to the lot and I look over and there is Dave! Waving and standing on a rock watching me finish! He WAITED and he RAN with me. I seriously almost cried. I was so not looking forward to my half hour run and he had already run a total of 12 miles.....but, there we were, running. It was kind of funny because our friend John kicked Dave's ass yesterday in a very hilly trail run and Dave was already hurting from the day before.

We ran and the sun was setting and as cheesy as it sounds it was really kinda cool, and I was so excited he hung around and pulled me through. So, all in all, he ran 16 miles instead of his planned 10, and he knocked out a fast half marathon last weekend at the AFC half, so he is absolutely spent tonight! =0.

So, it was a great weekend! Roughly 146 miles of moving in the last few days. Believe it or not, my legs felt great in the transition run, my head was just a little sad from our friends leaving. They're awesome and it's hard as we get older to find truly awesome friends that you know you can count on for everything.....but, keeping in touch won't be a problem and they're going to love living in Virginia--and we're excited for them! my day OFF. TECHNICALLY: I should *really* get in my one hour swim that I missed this weekend, but.......logistically impossible tomorrow. I have clients for a good portion of the day and I have a hair appointment (translation: will be completely unreachable for 3 hours during a transformation of horrible roots).......and I can't leave the house early to swim because Dave can't get off work any earlier so we have dogs to worry about and letting them out, so I have to leave as late as possible for work tomorrow. SO, i'll just have to suck up the swim---I think I can get it in on Thursday before I leave for my wedding travel extravaganza (another post)..........why can't I just let the swim go? =0


JMoTriBella said...

I hear you on getting nasty roots taken care of. My appointment is on Thursday. Can't wait! Looking forward to the 3-hour "unreachable" :) Nice job on your workouts this weekend. I think there are quite a few of us that had "good workout" weekends. It feels great when that happens. Tell Dave that he is awesome. I got teary-eyed reading about your Fiesta brick. Have fun in DC! Maybe I'll see you out and about there this weekend!

Lauren said...

I love that Dave did that! I love that I get to see you both this weekend! I hope you still love me when I don't run/bike/swim while you are here :) Does chasing Jack count for a run? Ha!!! Glad the workouts were so great and you are feeling goooood!

Anonymous said...

Ha, let the swim go just this once! I laughed when you said 3 hours for your roots. YES, I am a "blonde" too and that is ME too...but it is so theraputic...I love getting my hair done. Even though my hairdresser is SOOO out of control. That was nice of Dave, yep! Great job on your long weekend of training - you are doing a great job, Mer! :) Jen H.

Jennifer Yake said...

Thanks for pointing out the need to take care of nasty roots. We are always pushing ourselves with training...saying we don't want to have regrets. Well....I have a few pictures with nasty roots I really regret:)I got teary eyed too reading about how Dave waited and ran with you. It will never stop amazing me the things our loved ones do for us to help us reach our goals.