Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Weekend!'d this week go? Seems like I don't blog during the week and it's because i'm just tired or I don't really have much to say. This week went like this:
Monday: OFF, my legs felt so completely hammered after Sunday's double brick-I swore I had done a race but, nope..just a lot of training.
Tuesday: 90 minute swim. I was also supposed to ride for 90 minutes, I skipped it---my legs were still really out of commission and the thought of pushing on my bike made me want to cry. So, I took matters into my own hands and just did the swim. Turned out to be a good decision
Wednesday: 90 minute run (30 min. at level 1, 30 at level 2, 30 at level 3), 90 minute ride. My legs were still not happy with me, but I just pushed through it and was glad I had skipped the ride the day before, it allowed me to make all my intervals for the run and the ride went smoothly.
Thursday: 3k swim, trainer ride (30 min L1, and then each 30 minutes going up a level to level 3), 45 minute run. Went well, the run felt better after 30 minutes. Figures, just as I warm up, it's time to stop running.
Today: 5K swim, 60 minute run (8x3 minutes at Level 3), 45 minute ride: Allow me to elaborate on my 5K swim. I swam 5K last Saturday, not a problem, reason being: I had normal people to swim with, ie, people who don't lose count when they're leading, people who don't talk constantly, people who don't decide in the middle of a set they would rather pull, and people who don't swim freestyle when we're supposed to be swimming ANYTHING other than freestyle.

The workout on the board at masters said to swim: 2950. UGH. This meant I had a TON more to swim after finishing. Plus, this is all in.....yards. Which means, I have to swim 5500 yards in order for it to equal meters. Oh, woah is me. AND the workout was all these stupid drills which take longer, so at the end of an hour, I wasn't even done with the 2950 because we spent time treading, doing pushups. Which, fine, I do see the benefit but right now I just need pure mileage, not drills.

I basically just did however many 500's it took to finish the 5K. My arms were aching by 4,000 and I knew I had so much more to go. I don't even know what I looked like i'm sure I was super sluggish. I just wanted to get out of the pool.

The thing is, I know the benefits of training long like this, I know that....but I just get tired of doing one sport for a while, especially if it's past the distance i'll need for Ironman. I have to go past the distance in order to make improvements on speed, etc. I'll be happy later =0.

Ohhhh! And, it's Dave's birthday tomorrow and mine on Sunday!! The Big 3-0 =0......i'm super excited!!! =0


Anonymous said...

5,500 yards is a BIG HUGE swim no matter how you slice it! Good job on getting it done! :) AND the BIG 30 on Sunday? And, Dave's bday too? How strange is that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy your weekend! Jen H. :)

Amanda Lovato said...

I have very limited cell coverage, however, I do have internet.
Just to let you know, I would have been totally fine with you swimming 5000yds the other day. that's totally fine:). I look forward to catching up and talking about your training. You have done some good stuff! Yahoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday! Eat lots of cake for me!!! Its my favorite!

Paul said...

Happy B-day! live it up chica!