Friday, October 10, 2008


It's funny how quickly training can go from "awesome," to sluggish. Yesterday my legs had finally had it with me. After ten days of continuous training, they finally said "please stop." I'm not afraid to admit that training isn't always that smooth. I've had a LOT of great training days, moreso than ones that don't go that well. My training days that go "badly" are usually because i'm tired or my legs are just wiped out. I usually know why my days don't go well!

Yesterday: 90 minute ride before work, after work: 60 minute run and another 60 minute ride. I cut it a little close to sunset on my ride and I almost had to take my sunglasses off to see (since it was foggy and getting dark!). I knew though I had today off so I pushed through and was just relieved to be done for a little bit.

Today: i'm done cleaning/ i'm headed to the mall to do some birthday gift shopping. Dave's birthday is next Saturday and my .....thirtieth birthday is on Sunday =0......Dave just sent out an evite to some of our friends to meet up with us for some wine, which will be awesome. I'm not a huge birthday person in terms of gifts, but I DO like seeing my friends and having people meet up....mostly when I don't have to cook or clean my house. So, meeting up for wine is right up my alley. Somehow I'll fit in the training, I won't drink too much next weekend, but it is my 30th birthday and because I can't travel to Napa due to training(where we wanted to go to celebrate) i'm certainly going to make sure that we have a blast next weekend!

This weekend shouldn't be too bad: tomorrow is a 5,000 meter swim and that's IT! I know, 5,000 meters, but i'll start out with master's which is 90 minutes and that should cover a fair amount of the 5,000 and then hopefully be home by 10:00 a.m. I think Dave and I may drive out to Julian which is colder and near the mountains of San Diego, it's known for apple pie. We really really need a normal people day....and i'm thankful to just have the swim Saturday. Sunday is a double brick. This has the potential for being torture, but i'm ready. A "double brick," is run/bike/run/bike.

MOST importantly this weekend, is the Ironman World Championships! GOOD LUCK to everyone racing (Paul!!)

My coach's husband, Michael Lovato is an awesome pro---and he's going to be "kicking ass and taking names" on during the, please, if you can log on to, send lots of good vibes to Michael. Last year he finished 9th in the awesome is THAT!? He is not only such a sweet and awesome person, but he's a phenomenal athlete...truly a class act. So, GO MICHAEL!!!!

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