Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm in the midst of organizing.....my friend Jess posted on facebook the other day that she was packing! I am not even close....I will be once I get my bike back today from B&L....it is being pimped out again. It took some creativity to figure out how I wanted to carry the following on my bike:
-spare tire for flats, 2 cans of Pit Stop, a razor blade, and two tire levers.......all this in addition to my calories and water =0.
I decided to take off my rear bottle cages and i'm carrying a cool thin bag that will carry *all* my tire stuff....so, I get rid of some weight from the rear bottle cages and i'm all set! I'll post a picture when it's all set with my very cool disc wheel (courtesy of James and Beth---see blog roll, they're super fast and super sweet! Thanks guys!).....so, the bike is being tuned and i'm.....well, organizing.

My parents and my older sister/brother in law/kids are coming on Tuesday to San Diego after Ironman, so i'm not only packing for Ironman, but i'm running errands to make sure I have stuff for Thanksgiving--which includes random stuff for Thanksgiving at the beach......and you know the usual $250.00 expedenture at Target. I think i'm all set for visitors......and I never realized how gross and dirty our stairway railing gets----i'm not sure i've ever dusted it. Oh the joy of having a rental property!

Back to Ironman.....laundry is being done...food is being eaten. Speaking of, i've decided this time--early in the week i'm piling up on veggies....and then i'll start to wean off the veggies and fiber by probably Thursday and i'll have a small salad or something on Friday and then NO veggies/fiber foods on Saturday.

Very exciting information =0.....but, all related to Ironman. So, how am I doing? Really great! My last post I may have indicated that I cutting way back on triathlon..which is true--but i'll still do triathlons, just not Ironman for a while---it's incredibly time consuming and i'm a little burned out on this particular distance...so I need a change. And, I may still blog--usually my blog is related to training, but if i'm not training so much what will I talk about? Hmmm, thankfully lack of words is not a problem for me----so, maybe i'll keep blogging!

I am really excited my sister, Trinette comes into town on Friday to Phoenix, WAHOO! SO excited to have her as my primary sherpa this weekend =0, ok, so she doesn't know of her primary sherpa role, much like Dawn (my other sister) wasn't aware of her role in Florida--until she showed up....but, I know Trinette will be up to the task, however, i'm sure that she will be thankful that Dave has already volunteered to run with me at 3:30 a.m. race morning, before breakfast!

Kinda boring today, not much else to report, just getting things organized and ready to roll!!!! More later!


D said...

I just read Amanda's post and had to come over and wish you a big fat GOOD LUCK for AZ. Enjoy every second of it and have a great day!! :)

Lauren said...

I can not believe it is this weekend!!! You will do amazing and everyone is so proud of you. You better keep blogging! It entertains me when Jack is crying to get out of taking a nap :) Hehe.

Have fun with Trinette and Dave's family.

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi Mer,

Thanks for your comment the other week ;-) I love your blog layout, PRETTY!! Best wishes for an amazing IM! Have fun and kick butt ;-)

P.S. I'm going to add you to my blog list if that's cool with you.