Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ironman Arizona Pictures

Some of you may have already seen these pictures on Facebook, but here are some fun ones from the weekend!

Trinette and I getting pedicures!!!

Me with Jackie and Erin at Dave's parents house....dinner the night before...
Me, Amanda and Michael up to no good after dinner......
Me, Trinette dinner on Friday....
The morning of......Dave, me, Trinette.....right before wetsuit pull on time..

Me waving off the bike =0

Trinette....running with me to keep me going....
I remember this moment most of all---it was the last lap I think, she was telling me "you can do IT!"

And this my how I truly felt during the run. This picture isn't flattering, but it's extremely realistic in how I felt!!
SOOO happy to be done!! Seeing Dave and having him put my medal on was the BEST!! He was so excited for me all day and I was SO excited to be DONE!

Me with Michael.....and Amanda....the BEST coach/mentor/friend anyone could ever have!!!!

Yayy!! She could stop worrying now...I was done!!!
This picture cracks me up........going over "stats" on the iPhone.....missing 9th place by about 30 seconds and just realizing I was in 10th! Yay!

The Support/Sherpa Crew...they were amazing, it was truly an AWESOME DAY!!!

Another huge thanks to my family...Dave's parents.....and to Brie/Bella and Austin...I know it was a long day and I was so grateful all of you were so warm and inviting to my friends and it was super awesome!!!!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! The one with you running - it captures everything - feelings, emotions, the fatigue :) But its a reminder that you're racing an Ironman! You look stellar (for doing an IM)!!! Oh - and I can't think of anyone who doesn't go over stats at the end of a race. :) What an amazing day it was - fantastic group of friends and support!

Can't wait to meet you!

Stephen Andert said...

Great job! I had fun watching the race this time, but I wish I had raced November instead of April. You guys had much better weather. LOL!

If you want to, there are more pics of your fellow racers here:

Jennifer Harrison said...

LOVE the pics! What a great crew you have and the pics just chronicle the day! Love them! Congrats again and hope you are enjoying some R&R! :)

rr said...

I felt that same way running on that lap after lap after lap course. You look great though, and I love the photo recap.

Your photos make me miss SD! With my last job I visited a couple of times a year.. I love love love it there. SO beautiful!