Tuesday, February 10, 2009


WOW!! I never expected Plus One's debut on blogger to be so news worthy, but it brought a huge smile to my face reading everyone's comments and just in general, it's really exciting! Thank you guys for all that you wrote!!
I feel badly, sometimes, I "lurk" on blogs and I never leave notes and so when people leave messages on my blog, I feel badly because i'm like "OH I TOTALLY have read your blog before but i've been too chicken to write". So, I vow to be better at that from here on out!!! Thank you guys for your notes!

It's funny the little things that stick with you as you kind of go through the steps, stages, whatever you want to call it, to "parenthood,"....i'm realizing that I think one of the sweetest things people can tell you is that they think you'll make a good parent. I'm not sure why but I've found that to be one of the nicest things, I guess it feels like a combination of a vote of confidence, and also that they think you must be a decent person as well and hopefully you're creating a decent person =0 (hehe).

So..how am I feeling!? Well, I had some nausea and dizziness for about 5 weeks, but that seems to have subsided...and the only symptoms I really have are feeling super tired at the end of the day and then there's this other symptom where I find myself actually filling my bras instead of tightening them (TMI?? sorry).......it's the truth, not gonna lie!

Now that i'm unemployed AND pregnant =0...just add some barefeet to that and you have a good picture. Just kidding.....barefoot is NOT an option for me, in fact, Dave and I drove up to Newport Beach's "Fashion Island" to "Babystyle" and I assure you that my feet, nor myself will be "bare" any time soon. I invested in some good clothing, that is for sure. I normally don't mind dressing a bit laid back, but I have this unhealthy fear of looking frumpy....so I bought some things that I think will keep me out of the "barefoot and pregnant" category.

"You're already not fitting into clothes!?"....is that what you're asking!? If so, then, let's just say it's a similar feeling to thinking "oh man, I ate way too much spaghetti,"....like one day it's "oh, these require some more torque to close," then it's "ok, the button is leaving serious imprints on my stomach," and then it's "ok, I may very realistically pop the button on my Joe's Jeans, which would not be good considering they're not cheap." Then.....it's time to buy the Bella Band (do a google search). So, I was wearing this band for about 2-3 weeks and this past Sunday night I went to put the Joe's Jeans on and i'm like "oh crap, i'm not only about to bust the button on these, but the zipper is going to split,"....not to mention when I wore them the day before, it left awful marks on the side of my hips and instead of feeling cute in my designer jeans I was super aware of the now-muffin-top-esque formulation on the sides of my hips. I have since divided my closet into "then, now and maybe later (meaning when i'm in full maternity gear). The Joe's Jeans are now in "then" ....I could wear them, but why chance it and split the jeans?? Especially since investing in a maternity wardrobe hasn't come cheap.

I know, I know, why don't I buy cheap stuff? The truth is, I did! I bought some stuff from Old Navy and other regular stores that have longer shirts....but I have noticed a lot of stores are "online" so it's harder to gauge a fit on things, so it was nice to check out Babystyle....unfortunately, they filed for Ch. 11 and you can't order on-line from them anymore and the only store here in San Diego "Pea in a Pod" was something short of awful.

What still fits right? My running stuff =0. Thankfully all my shorts are elastic, yay! I'm still running.....instead of my old "fast" pace of 8:20-8:35...i'm now averaging about an 11:30 pace....which is actually 100% ok with me. Each time I run i'm like "yayy, I can still run!". I know my belly may become a hinderance in the future, so I really do cherish each run! I run about 4-5 miles about 5 days a week. I swam once last week, but i'm trying to save swimming til the summer when it's too hot out for me to run. We opted to receive care outside of the Navy, which has gone really well so far and i'm excited about the practice we chose. My doctor is up on the latest info regarding exercise and she confirmed my beliefs which were to keep exercise to about 80% of my max (I wear a HR monitor just to keep an eye on it). My other guidelines are no over heating, keeping hydrated and keeping my exertion level conversational. So my goal right now is to keep up with my "jogging" =0, until I feel I should become a walker for a bit!

I'm still continuing with a job/volunteer search. I'm officially on the volunteer roster at Challenged Athletes, so i'm excited about that..and I may submit my resume to them for a possible job!

Thanks again so much for leaving all your cute messages!! I totally appreciate them!! Stay tuned!!!


ADC said...

Oh, it all sounds so exciting. Great job on keeping running.

Melissa said...

Congratulations on your great news! I've been lurking for a few months and have enjoyed reading your blog. What an exciting time of life right now!!

I'm looking forward to reading about your experience with being prego and an athlete. Nice job on keeping up the running!

Shan said...

Yeaaaahhh! Does that mean I can borrow your regular clothes until you have the baby?!?! :) Too bad your gorgeous purses can't be borrowed too ;) HEHEE.

See ya tomorrow night! Yay!!!

Amanda Lovato said...

I will never miss one of your posts, girl! I love all of the detail and I agree with your buddies..you and dave will be excellent (and very cool)'rents;). So stoked for you guys and your new adventure!
luv you!

ebcriss said...

Babystyle is such a cool store. We don't have a store but I ordered all my nursery bedding and some decor from them. It's very unique, not the same Babie's R Us stuff. :)

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