Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming Along!

Hmm, not too much to report here..Dave is getting ready to do his board exams for anesthesia so at night it goes kind of like this:
ME: You studying
Dave: yeah, for a little bit
ME (like ten minutes later): Are you still studying
Dave: yes, I just have to do (enter number of questions he feels like doing so he can sleep without feeling guilty).....questions
ME (like a half hour later): *this time, I don't talk, I sort of sneak up on him
Dave: Mer, I promise i'll come out and hang out in a few minutes...

So we are very much looking forward to when boards have passed and we can hang out again! I complain sometimes about Dave's schedule..but it's actually sort of predictable for the most part 10-12 hour days and then 2-3 hours a night of studying....which leaves for little time to hang out, then if he's on call on a weekend, it's hard to find time together. When boards are over and he switches rotations next month it'll be much better!

His schedule made this past weekend a treat...we were able to go to a party at our friend Mike and Erin's house to send off our friend Jackie who came to cheer me on in Arizona...she is doing IM New Zealand next we had a party for her, it was fantastic! Then, Sunday we went and watched the finish of the Tour of California...which I do have pictures of, but i'm too lazy to post them right now =0. What's even more fun is we went with our friends Chris and Lisa and their son Oliver...and Lisa is pregnant and expecting about 3 weeks before me, so that was fun for me to pick her brain a bit! It was SO awesome to have a "normal" weekend before the studying resumed.

I have to be honest, Dave does study his butt off, but he also totally takes nights off to hang out =0, like tonight we hit our favorite pizza joint, Bronx Pizza (cash only and they answer the phone typically "Bronx, whaddya want") it and it's the ONLY place here in San Diego that tastes like the pizza I used to get with my family on Long Island when we used to go visit. Not quite "Little Vincent's" but close.

Hmm, I could do a whole post on pizza, but people in San Diego seem to froth at the mouth of for this place in Solana Beach called "Pizza Port" and I get suckered into going because "yelp! how you could you *not* like pizza port"....well, I don't, I think it sucks, way too much cheese and it's so overrated and the crust is awful. =0. So if you're ever in San Diego, go to Hillcrest and go to Bronx, parking is heinous, but so is the parking at Pizza Port, so in that respect they're about even. Oh and I Dave and I got a large cheese with two drinks for $16.00. Cheap!

Wow, this is a RANDOM post, but that's what you get when I don't have a lot going on. Some people have like "topics" for their blog, i'm not that organized and it seems that the only time I actually have an organized thought is if i'm talking about my family---or a specific person, then I can talk about them forever, but life in general, I can't be tied down to one subject....(and THAT is very evident if you ever meet me in person =0). My aunt used to say "slow down Meri, I can't hear that fast" =0

Running coming along great (thanks to Ursula)..had solid run yesterday at 4.6 miles, today I ran 3.5...tomorrow will be a "long" run of maybe 4.6 to 5.00 we'll see =0. Did some lunges (which I *think* I need to stop because I may be tweaking something that should *not* be tweaked).....wall squats, leg lifts, you get the idea. I'm also in the habit of doing 3x10 pushups.....10 real pushups and 20 girlie ones...whatever I can get in!

We had another plus one appointment today!! I should do a whole post on that, how exciting for the non-pregnant readers right? All is awesome in Plus One Ville......(POV??) heartbeat was loud and clear.....Dave said "OH I KNOW the baby is going to be JUST like you based on the heartbeat" (hehe).....who wants a mellow baby....really? =0.

So, typically sonograms are done not regularly, so we had one at 9 weeks and the next will be at 18 (18 isn't a regularly scheduled appointment, it's a special sonogram one!) BUT. Dave has to go out of town in April so he will miss the 18 week appointment, SO, today I did some small begging of the OBGYN to see if on my 17 week appointment (regularly scheduled non-sonogram appointment) she could try and see if she can see the gender. She said she would try, it would depend on how busy they were......she seemed as though she could be persuaded, I wonder if she likes m&m's?? =0.

Wow, this is long, over and out, just me, reporting live from my couch!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Well... I love your long posts! And random too - totally fine :) I understand about Dave - oddly enough, that sounds just like Nathaniel. 10-12 hour work days, return home and then...prep for next days' flight or simulator. I swear I spend more time with that boy at the kitchen table going over navigation and approach plates than anywhere else. :) But hey - long term its for the best, right?

I totally agree about Pizza port. NOT a fan. Thanks for the tip about Bronx - wonderful! I've also heard great things about a Chicago style Deep dish near Balboa park...

Happy Friday!

Mer! said...

Hey Marit!!! The Chicago Style place is called "Lefty's" it's literally a stone's throw from our house....very tasty and i'm NOT a Chicago-style fan, but Lefty's is AWESOME. Dave loves the one covered in meat and I like the spinach one, they are REALLY good!!!

I agree, studying is best for the long term....and we just gotta get through it!! Just a little under a year and a half left!!

Happy Friday to you too!!!

ADC said...

I think m7ms would work :-) Hope Dave's exams go well and you get to hang out more soon.

Shan said...

OHHH Lefty's AND Bronx are personal faves of mine - you're totally right Mer - there is NOTHING like pizza from the east coast...mmmm.

I, too, love your non-organized posts - it totally matches the way I think, so I can follow everything quite well :).

Cheers to reports from the couch!!! Woot!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know i'm not the only one who never sees her husband. Duane works full time, and goes to nursing school full time. I never see him. And when i do, he's not really there. He's either studying, or sleeping. UGH! It's a good thing i'm training.

I love pizza too! I just had some tonight! YUMMY! Glad you are feeling good!

Stacy said...

Bronx is SO much better than Pizza Port. Used to go all the time when I was a resident.
We should meet sometime after work!

Eileen Swanson said...

Ok, I am totally hungry for PIZZA now! Miss ya Mer!! See you soon, I hope ;-)