Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 "speedy" miles...

Sorry, falling off the update wagon again already! Having trouble finding a few minutes to blog!! This past Sunday was an awesome day...because I ran 6 miles without the jogging stroller and I managed to hold a 9:30 somewhat pace.....very excited. So, i'm basically now running a pace that I ran for a very very long time..i'm hoping it won't take me too long to break into the "8:00's"....we'll see. I know, it's unrealistic of me to expect to just "burst" into speed (even then, 8:00/minute miles i'm sure by some standards aren't fast..but for me, they're blazing!).......but, I do like to move along quickly!

My goal for the Carlsbad Half Marathon is 2 1/2 hours....I think I can do it!!  We'll see! 

In other developments....we're still in limbo about Boston..very long story, but basically the Navy is still deciding whether there is a slot for Dave or not for 2010..if not, we've been told that we *may* be able to stay in San Diego for a year and go to Boston in 2011....a decision, WHATEVER it is, at this point would be nice.  I'm ok with waiting, but when you give me a date....i'd like a decision.  Go figure..the surprise there =0.

Ran five yesterday and five today.....tomorrow I think i'm going to hit up a spin class...I really need to get the cycling back in action!!!

I'm super excited, along with my new team, i'll be purchasing a new'll be from Kestrel....check them out!! far as other very cool's looking like Saucony *may* be helping us out as, check out their site for awesome goods!

I'm still debating whether i'll be able to attend one of the Rev3 races..a lot depends on our whereabouts and our move/no move schedule....i'd love to at least attend the race if I can't race it myself!!!  It really looks like it'll be family friendly.  The one in Ohio--my friend Lisa from around the corner is from Michigan and spent many a summer in Cedar Point, OH.....she said it's really fun, right on Lake Erie....perfect for families if you ask me!

Alrighty, as for now, not much going on....we have Soren hopefully down for the count..can't do "sleep training" yet, as he's too little, but as for now we currently have 9:00-10:00 p.m. to ourselves hehe..any hour before then is still up in the air!!

Thanks for reading...stay tuned...hoping to hit a spin class in the a.m....we'll see how that goes!! Today I dismantled Soren's car seat to clean it..and couldn't put it back together (d'oh!) I was stuck home all day..thankfully Dave came home early and I busted out with a solo run before dark!!

Thanks for reading!


Megan said...

You should totally do the Cedar Point Rev3! Sandusky is a cool town and Cedar Point is awesome!! My cousin told me she is going to cheer me on from the top of the Magnum...

Dave said...

Count another vote for Cedar Point! Of course, I'm biased as that's the one I'm planning on as well. :)

jessithompson said...

Me 3! That's the event I'm shooting for too! It will be fun to be there with the Team!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hooray! Sound like a great schedule Mer!!! Awesome news about the Kestrel and your race season - yes yes yes! Hang in there with the Boston plans...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys - yea!

NICE WORK on the workouts - SUPER!

xoxo - miss you too!!