Monday, January 25, 2010

Carlsbad Half Marathon..RR

So from the picture above it totally looks like i'm walking....and the pain I feel today is reassurance that I most certainly was NOT walking!! 

I did it!! I did my first post-pregnancy race and....I loved it.  Oh, how I missed racing!! I didn't even know I missed it until I raced yesterday and I miss all those little things that go with racing: the obsessing over "not eating fiber the night before," ...worrying about:  blisters, having to go to the bathroom, starting out too fast, not finishing, sunburn, hurt muscles.  Why on earth would someone race and worry about all this stuff and still have fun??? Because despite all of these little "what if's" something about a little competition that makes me push myself hard and finishing a race to me, is like someone else's "knit sweater, novel completed, picture painted, scrap book finished."....I can't do any of these other things, so racing to me is something that I enjoy and I may not always "PR," but each race is new to me, or I learn something different, it's always interesting and I love that aspect of it.

My race report: I like to do race reports according to time, rather than paragraphs, otherwise I could write for hours about the lady in front of me who was easily close to double my age yet she was still ahead of me (wahhh) =0. 

5:30: alarm goes off, Soren is still sleeping
5:40: I have to pump before I leave (sorry TMI, but this is all part of racing as a parent!, er, um, or should I say a nursing mom!);  put out breakfast items and get dressed.
6:10: we wake Soren up, he's smiling and ready to go
7:05: we arrive at the race start --yes, I know it's pushing it, the race started at 7:30, but this was actually brilliant timing because it was 41 degrees (FREEZING by SD standards, remind me to HTFU when we get to Boston).
7:15: I run into about four people I know and it reminds me----of how small the running/triathlon community is and it's fun to run into people I know....though secretly, I don't want to run with anyone because I don't want the responsibility of "talking,"  believe it or not it is incredibly difficult for me to "talk and run," (ask Amanda-it's the only time she's ever seen me quiet =0), and the whole time i'm running with someone i'm worried i'm holding them back.
7:25: I realize i'm supposed to be in Corral 2..does it matter?? I panic that Dave may screw up Dave's timing system since he knew I was in Corral 2, he'd miss me if I wasn't in the right spot....could I really keep up with Corral 2???
7:30: Corral, a lot of serious looking people. I look serious right?
7:38'ish:  Mile 1 done....slow down Mer---

*Now I go by miles*
Mile 1-6....awesome, I knocked these out in 53 minutes, less than a 9 minute mile...super happy with that!!

Mile 6....I knew at the start of the race I had to go to the bathroom, but didn't feel like missing the start and climbing my way from the back with walkers (nothing against walkers, it's just hard to run in between them!)....I see the huge hill on Hwy 101 that i've biked up many, many times.....and I had to go.  Thinking:  Can I make it to the top where there are probably more porto potties=less waiting....NO.  Cannot make it to top. Must. Stop. NOW.  I stop.  One woman in front of me....lady in front of her zips out, good.....the lady in front of the....bathroom....for OVER FOUR MINUTES.  COME ON LADY, do what you have to do and GET OUT OF THAT F'ing BATHROOM! 

I know, why was I flipping out?? The true athlete/competitor/Leporati (my maiden name: we don't like waiting for anything).......was coming out in me and I wanted to GO GO GO.  Damn the stupid carne asada taco's I had yesterday, damn the fiber!!! What was I thinking?  Of course, my lack in planning of meals has come back to haunt me.  Grrr.  Deal with it Mer!

I go in, I zip out.  It has cost me SIX MINUTES....why is that a big deal? Stay tuned, you'll find out at mile 13.1

Mile 7: I look for Dave, no Dave...thinking Soren was probably hungry...Dave confirmed later that Soren was indeed hungry and he stopped at Jack N the Box because he knew they'd have hot water to warm up Soren's bottle....interestingly enough Jack N the Box ALSO has chicken nuggets which Dave is a fan of.  AND they also have:   Raspberry Diet Coke.---which Dave raved about as well.  (as long as my sherpa is happy, i'm happy).

Mile 8-10:  Feeling a little run down here but just putting one foot in front of feet were a little sore, perhaps some longer training runs would've been a good idea.  No regrets: I did the best I could with the time I had!

Mile 10: DAVE AND SOREN!!  Cheering and taking good to see them!!! Reminded me of how lucky I am---and I couldn't wait to give them a hug at the end!

Mile 11: Go time....push harder.....

Mile 12:  I see:  MIKE AND ERIN!! Erin runs with me and I offer her the oppotunity to run the last mile--she declines gracefully =0 and I wave goodbye......and No reason not to sprint this last mile, legs are hurting and actually my lungs were hurting more (another missed inhaler moment.....ugh, I actually FORGOT I needed to use an inhaler, that's how long it's been!).

Mile 13.1: Finishing time: 2:05....and that my friends is why SIX minutes makes all the difference in the world! My previous post, I was wishing to finish in under 2 hours but I thought it was unrealistic...well, turns out if I had followed my usual nutrition plan, I wouldn't have lost six minutes and I would've finished in under 2:00!  It's ok though, the point is, I loved racing again and i'm super pumped for the 2010 season!!

This race gave me a lot of confidence for what's to come.....I haven't officially started training for my season yet, 2/1/10 is my drop dead date...expect more stories and soreness to come!....I may find myself readjusting my goals as the season goes on, but the bottom line is: I have a season, I have a great team i'm a part of and i'm just really excited!

I even pulled out the old compression tights for a post-race recovery and gasp! They actually fit..thankfully compression tights are ...well, spandex, so they adjust well to different weights =0.

Thanks for reading!!!!


Shan said...

All I can say is YAYYYYY!!! :-D SOOO happy for you!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

WOO HOO!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! YEa Mer! - Okay totally awesome... when you said that you wanted to break 2:30 I was like....well.... I kept my mouth shut. I KNOW you could go so much faster - and you DID it! So proud of you :) But even if you had run a 2:30, it wouldn't matter - because you put yourself out there. So many incredible things you've challenges... and you just did your first race since Soren came into yours and Dave's lives. Amazing! Can't wait to see what you've got next - it will be GREAT! YEA!

SDrunner said...

Great job on getting back to racing after your pregnancy, I'm sure you have been itching to get back to running again.

I worry about the same things! I got a smaller blister than usual which is good, I had to use the restroom before the race too, but was able to hold off 'til after the race :) I ALWAYS start off too fast (except for this race..)

This was such a great race, it was the first time I ran it the right way: not get out too fast, feel good throughout the race, enjoy the scenery and race atmosphere and just have fun!

Good luck on the rest of your 2010 races!

ADC said...

Yay, so stoked for you. It gives us hope that one day when I have kids and try to get back to racing, the speed will come back. Thank you. Now enjoy few days before you start training on the 1st Feb :)))

Michelle said...

Nice first race back after pregnancy, that counts as a PPR - post pregnancy record:)

Anonymous said...
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Amanda Lovato said...

Yahoo Mer!
So excited for you! Way to go girl!!

Anonymous said...
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Charisa said...

Congrats on your first race back! Awesome. I love your bathroom description - because we've all been there!!

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

Awesome job on your half!

I co-authored a book called Run Like a Mother, coming out March 23. I’d love to have publicist send you a copy for possible review. Could you please email me your mailing address (pls. include your blog name as well) at bowenshea [at] gmail? Thanks!

banks said...

I am so happy you got to race. I still haven't race since I had Kali. I am hoping to do a race soon, but I have to do a minor leg surgery next week. I am hoping it won't set me back to far. I join the oceanside ymca triathlon club so that has been motivating. I read you are racing on a team. What team are you racing on? What races are you going to do this year? Anyways, it is inspiring to read your blog. Kami