Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christmas in April!!

So excited!!! My new Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL.....speedy fast and I think i'm going to call her "Bat Girl"!!  Cute yet stealthily? Honored to ride Kestrel and cannot wait to test "her" out in a race!...THANK YOU KESTREL!!!!!
Last week we were told a special package would be arriving for us age-groupers on the Trakkers team....we've already received quite a few goodies from our team and I was just in awe that there was yet *another* package coming (Mer claps!), I opened the package and inside were the items to the left.....also an amazing Saucony bag and a full cycling kit (note:  the shorts to the kit are not included in the pic because I wore them on my trainer ride this morning, thus they are not presentable at this time =0)'re looking at a kick ass jersey, shirt and jacket!!  Can't wait to suit up!!

It has occurred to me that I haven't said much about my team Trakkers in general, i've talked about them, but I wanted to take a couple of lines to explain what we've been up to!  Basically most of us are on Twitter...I know, so for those of you who aren't on twitter or you think it may be pointless----i'm here to say that a TON of our team support comes from Twitter.  It allows me to connect to some of my teammates who are far away and honestly, last week I was really sick----and I got a ton of "tweets" that were SO awesome, just wishing me to get well etc.  It's funny, you wouldn't think a team that is spread out through the country could develop a "closeness." .....well, Trakkers has outdone themselves, what an amazing group of people.

I love that everyone on the team, whether they're a parent or they're single, *everyone* is juggling something, some are injured, some are setting PR's in races, some are struggling to get in everyday training, some are able to train full-time.  Whatever it is...everyone supports each other.  HOW COOL!  Just like high school sports minus the catty behavior (just kidding, Trakkers is WAY cooler than high school sports all round!) =0.

Anyway...a Trakkers is heading up it's Kickoff Event for the----Rev3Tri Race Series: KNOXVILLE.  It's the first in the Rev3 Tri series this year, followed by Quassy and Cedar Point races.   If you guys are curious to see what the "Rev3" Tri Series is all about....please just click on the link above!  The whole idea is to combine family time with racing.....a brilliant idea!  I'm trying my hardest to get to Cedar Point this year--it's going to be tough with our move, so i'm still on the fence as to whether i'll be able to make it or not!

Just an FYI:  Tara Costa from the Biggest Loser is racing ALL THREE of the Rev3 Tri Races...and i'm a HUGE "Biggest Loser" i'm also secretly hoping to get to Cedar Point so I can stalk her.  Ew----did I just write that? =0 (stalking her in a friendly way of course =0)

Anyway, I just wanted to write a bit more about my team and what we're all about.....since it's the first time i've ever been a part of a true triathlon team as an adult, it's been amazing and incredibly resourceful for me...especially with becoming a mom----it's nice to see other "tweets/facebook posts" about people who are juggling the same things I am---and how they seem to find a balance!

Over and out!


Kiersten said...

Team Trakkers- All of the fun, none of the drama! Bat Girl looks awesome. I am hoping to get one myself one of these days!!!!! Major bike envy here.

Jamie said...

Sweet new bike pics! Very jealous.

I love how many Trakkers peeps are on Twitter. I think I know more about most Trakker teammates than my local team mates!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Congrats on the new ride and Team Trakkers! :)) HOW FUNNNN! And, the new pic of you and Soren in the pool is PRECIOUS! Hope you are good.

Melissa said...

Ohhh, sweet new bike and surprise package!

It sounds like the Trakkers team is really a good thing. That's the one thing that I miss with our sport, the team aspect, and you've found a way to really bring that in.

BTW, I really like your new picture header :-)

ADC said...

Hey, nice bike. And the team sounds great. I am glad you are enjoying the team environment. Hope the move stuff is going OK. It is never too early to start thinking about it. We will be moving again around Xmas time.

Marit C-L said...

WOO HOO!!! Mer - you look GREAT in green :) And I love love love the bike - awesome! :)

Trigirlpink said...

your wheels are too small. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

VERY NICE BIKE! You are gonna KILL IT this season on that sucker. Yay!