Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day "Report"

Yesterday was awesome! It was my first mother's day and honestly it was just so cool to spend the day with Soren and Dave!  However one spends their mother's day i'm coming to realize is personal....some moms want the day "off,"....or just a few hours to themselves, and it probably depends on how your "everyday" life is.  If you're super busy all the time and you're running around, you probably crave hours to yourself.  It was fun to read on facebook everyone's plans!

I just had a few sleep in, brunch and just really to spend the day with Soren and Dave.  I even turned down an invitation to go get a manicure and pedicure....but, I guess I feel like if I wanted to on any given day I could go do that----for me, I just wanted an uninterrupted day with Dave and Soren.  Many times on the weekend Dave is on call or working....he worked Saturday, had yesterday "off" (but still carried a pager), and he's working both days next weekend.  For me, mother's day was about not "planning" anything for the day.  Like most families we try to alternate training/working out, whatever..and yesterday I just wanted a day where I could just "fly by the seat of my pants." And I did, and it was awesome!

Soren was very generous....he gave me a very cute card and inside was a picture of my new Oakley shades arriving soon....custom designed in "Trakkers" Green =0.....can't WAIT to get those!!! 

Even up until dinner time we just went with the flow---- I hadn't been hungry most of the day due to our good brunch, then we went for a walk at the lake. Honestly, it was really nice to WALK at the lake with Soren rather than running!  And I smelled BBQ and I said to Dave "Hmm, Phil's would be nice."  (Phil's is a BBQ establishment in San Diego, not even remotely close to our house but it's SOOO good).  So, even though we previously decided Cheerios would be a good dinner since we didn't think we'd be hungry, Dave said "I'll go get it!"....and I think he had fun trying to do "little things" all day for Mother's Day and it was really fun!

Growing up my mom wasn't a huge fan of making a big deal out of mothers day, definitely no big fussing and absolutely no corsages...we sometimes went to brunch, but mostly just spent the day with her and that's how yesterday was for me!  Maybe in the upcoming years when we have more kids i'll be wanting some more free time, but yesterday was perfect! I actually think I enjoyed mother's day more than most birthday's, because it felt like being part of a really cool "virtual club" that was having a party and all mom's were invited.  I also thought it was cute on facebook to wish a happy mother's day to people with four-legged friends too!  Just cute!

Ahhh, so, Mer are you training? YES!  Training is going really well I think!  I've knocked out some long runs, one being on Saturday---3 hours and I did 19.3 miles....happy with that.  Last week I did a hill run which I haven't done in months, a year?? Who knows....anyway, that killed me. I actually called Amanda because I thought my thighs were going to split in half and I was worried about doing my long run (translation: worried I was going to have a death march).....after a few HTFU thoughts and chats with myself, I got it done.  BUT:  I didn't get it done on my own. 

Apparently it takes a village to raise a little one....(Hillary was on to something =0), and Marit was amazing, I was going to have our sitter come watch Soren, but Marit offered to come and hang out with him!  It was SO nice to be able to go run and not have a single thought of "I wonder if Soren is hungry..etc"....came home and they had had a great time!  She even stayed around long enough so I could get in an ice bath and she served me a recovery drink!  Something tells me her sushi at dinner tomorrow night will be "on the house" =0 (wink wink).

I always try to limit my posts these days to one thing, but anyone who knows me, knows I can't really do that!!

Other training thoughts....I am almost down to nothing with my First Endurance Ultragen.....I ordered more and would you believe those guys are awesome--they sent me an entire jug of their powdered EFS to try (most samples are packets right?) this is an entire jug!!!  Awesome, can't wait to try TART LEMON LIME. Dave is salivating, he loves TART!

Because i've realized most people like pictures on are some new ones =0

Maiden voyage on "Bat Girl"......I don't get to ride outside that often between our schedules, typically i'm on the trainer...when I finally rode outside again, I had tears in my eyes....reminds me how much I LOVE RIDING!!  ....This bike is awesome....seriously, light handles terrifically and i'm just so happy with it!

Below: Cheerio Monster

Meeting Dave for lunch at his conference at Disneyland..decided the $72.00 wasn't really worth it at 8 months.....he had a blast in the pool, see below..

Saucony: Fast and Tasty

He stood up for the first time on his own yesterday--naturally in the safest of all places......the tub.  This was just before he stood.


I was wearing these two days after my hill run which killed I was trying to do "reverse" recovery the night before my long run... =0

Soren and I met up with fellow Trakkers teammate: Trimommykelly who was in town for the Irongirl races in Del Mar. She is awesome, an awesome triathlete, conversationalist (we needed like four more hours!), you can see, Soren had no reservations sleeping and drooling on her.  So great to meet you Kelly!

That's it for now! Super bummed I couldn't be with the rest of the Trakkers Team for Rev3 Knoxville, Kelly and I were both saying we wished we could've been there!!!! Congrats to all those who raced ---you did awesome!!!!


Marit C-L said...

WOW - that is A LOT!!!! Okay - love the Cheerio Monster photo...fantastic. And... HE STOOD UP!!! OMG! That's awesome...also - I think its hilarious that the only way Soren's hair will stay flat is when its smothered in shampoo. :)

So happy that you and Dave had a great day yesterday...awesome! That BBQ sounds good...mmmmm.... and nice to finally walk around the lake instead of run around it (wow - I bet that gets old fast!)

Speaking of fast.... NICE JOB with all the workouts! And - you know me... you can NEVER wear too much compression gear ;)

Kelly said...

Love this post! I'm so glad you enjoyed your first mother's day. I had a blast hanging out with you and Soren on Saturday!!

ADC said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your first Mothers' Day. Plenty more to come. Oh and you had Marit babysitting, how awesome. Wish I was there chatting with both of you.