Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Digs for Boston: FOUND!!

Thank you guys ALL so much for your comments/suggestions and just general support!! We found a place!! We'll be living in Brookline (with a parking spot =0)---about a mile from Children's excited! We're still flying out to Boston from the 15-19 we'll take a look at the place and figure out what we need to get rid of.  Not that we have hoarding tendencies, but Dave for some reason has kept his REI tent forever and was hoping to use it to camp with Soren in the backyard----in Boston?, he's ok with ditching the tent for now. 

We are really has plenty of space for us, and meets most of our criterion----our only wee issues are that A: it's on the 3rd floor, great for safety, not so great when Soren decides he wants to "walk upstairs on his own" which i'm assuming the "independent" stage hits around 1-2?? Who knows, i'll cross that bridge when I get there! Other downfall is no dogs, but a week later, i'm feeling better about it and I know that the dogs are going to be in VERY fun places.  My sister has a Newfy and a big hound, and my in-laws have a big lab and a Westie....and in both places they have a lot of "at home attention" since my sister is in and out all day with the kids and my father-in-law is retired!  Actually Dave joked that they won't want to come back with us!  Anyway..we're super excited and relieved!!!

What have I been up to? Just juggling training in with some naps and solid food feeding (er, for Soren not for me!).  I know, if only everyone's life was so simple right?   Basically, as I read on someone else's blog, there are a few things I won't give up so that I can train. One: Soren's nap schedule. I know, sounds ridiculous right? Well, we worked so hard to get him to sleep, and he really is a different baby when he naps.  So, come hell or high water, he takes a morning nap.  The afternoons.....if I don't get home exactly before he falls asleep, he'll sneak in a "power nap" in the car for 10 minutes and then won't go down for an afternoon nap. Grrrr.  BUT--he's not necessarily unbearable either, so I can live with that!  Basically I have a three hour window in the middle of the day where I can get things done---including training----or, if I have errands, I just do them after his afternoon nap.

So---we juggle a little--I have to say though--I do enjoy staying home--far more than I ever thought possible.  Maybe it's because I have training as an outlet?? I honestly would go nuts if I didn't have a hobby that made me budget my time, etc.  Most days i'm cramming stuff in----but it's all stuff I ENJOY.... each day I do something for myself--training and I also do things with Soren that don't involve carting him to the grocery store or around town.  I try to take him swimming, or to the zoo, the park etc.  I do count the YMCA kids center as time for him too---because he doesn't go to daycare, so i'm moderately obsessed with him being social.  I really worry about him not getting exposed to things etc----so I like that he's at the Y kids center for an hour while I swim.   We do go to Gymboree and I just try to mix things up with him.

Training is going really well, i'll admit, i'm wiped out on Sunday's and Monday's and I haven't been able to get in that last bit of training on Sunday's, but i'm averaging about 8 hours a week maybe? Maybe a little more/less per week.....but, the running is coming along great! I think that if my stomach cooperates, I can have a really solid marathon...*fingers crossed!*. 

Marathon is two weeks from Sunday!!  I'm really excited...because my favorite sisters are coming to town.....(well, my only sisters =0)!  We've all been training and ready to sister Dawn may have a stress fracture and is in a ton of pain right now, so she may not be running and we all know that in terms of sports there are few things worse than training for months and ending up super injured and you can't race---in addition to being in a lot of pain. .....she's been keeping her chin up though--keeping good perspective---but if she can't race, we'll all be bummed, but big picture: getting her healthy so she can continue to chase after her kids!! =0

Gotta scoot!


Marit C-L said...

Hey Mer! I am SO HAPPY that you guys found a place - honestly that's fantastic! :) Parma and Brownie are going to great places as well, and like you said - it's only temporary. Just like you want Soren to be social, they'll have the opportunity of making new friends as well!

You are going to do GREAT for the marathon...all the training and prep! YES! Very solid, very strong Mer - I am so proud of you!

And finally.... I love how you love being a Mom. It is HARD work, and the fact that you aren't willing to compromise on some things with Soren - I have so much respect for you. I'll see you guys soon! xoxo

PS - Yeah... he'll totally be a terror when it comes to walking up those stairs. :)

ADC said...

I am so glad you've found the place you like and that is suitable. Hello East Coast. You will be so much closer to us now so please jump across the pond and come to see us.

Shan said...

Woohoo!! So excited you found a place in Bah-stun!! Can't wait to catch up this weekend- love you!!

jessithompson said...

Glad you found a place that works! I enjoy hearing you talk about being a mom. :)

Trigirlpink said...

Yay. Glad that is settled. See you in a few weeks!!! Good luck with the rest of your marathon training.