Friday, February 4, 2011

Training derailed....

Thank you all for your thoughts on the cochlear implant! I'm pretty excited, i'll blog more about it when I have some more details---one thing I wanted to answer was that the "homework" i'll have refers to: after they turn the implant "on" which is about 4 weeks after the surgery, I have to sort of re-learn to hear--which probably means not wearing my hearing aid in my left ear, since the implant will be in my right ear (my ear that is worse off), it'll involve a lot of patience and I think they give you tapes to listen to, i'm not quite sure just yet!

Ah, training, well, the last week has been a no-go as far as training, Soren had what I thought was a teething runny nose, which turned into a full-on cold, then a fever followed by several misses by doctors and finally we ended up with cold/wheezing and ear infection..poor guy. He's truly a good sport---we have to do breathing treatments for him for his wheezing and he finally got some antibiotics for his ear infection, so we are on the mend.

Just in time literally for us to fly to Colorado tomorrow.  The month of February is ridiculous for Dave, just one of those really bad months in terms of hours, most days he leaves the house at 5:30 and gets home either just before Soren goes to bed or more than likely super late--and Dave LOVES putting Soren to bed, giving him a bath, reading....he gets *super* bummed if he misses it, so the deal is, he's supposed to text or let me know if he's able to make it home in time, if he's going to be a little late, I keep Soren up, otherwise, he's gotta go to bed, because quite frankly, i'm wiped by that time!

Anyway, so this month means quite a few missed bedtimes and Dave takes his oral boards for anesthesia in April (he passed the written boards in August) we figured Soren and I may have a more fun time heading to Denver for a few days to spend with my family and i'm going to SKI.  So excited...can't wait!  We'll miss Dave, but this'll give him a chance to get started on studying and my family can have some quality time with Soren!

Hoping to get back on the running wagon while i'm out in Colorado as well, unfortunately i'm just getting over an upper respiratory infection (at least that's what I think it was??) I have to wait for my coughs to subside a bit!

 Inside his tunnel on a snow day!
 Got snow?
 Walk in the park!

 Testing out the new snow suit....check out the color :) TRAKKERS green :)
 Yeah, so sidewalks around here, are literally the width of a toddler....good luck with strollers or uncomfortable passes with people!
 About done and ready to go in!!

Pic with Grandma and Grandpa--they came to visit and had a blast with Soren!!! They were super excited to have snow, since they live in Scottsdale!


Velma said...

SO CUTE!! Have a great vacation.

Andy Rosebrook said...

Have fun skiing and I love the Trakkers Green snowsuit.

Laura Wheatley said...

Your husband is so awesome, he will do great. Have a great trip in CO!! :)

Kacie Darden said...

ADORABLE!!! Those are great pictures. I am glad the cold is passing by and you are going to go get in a good ski trip!

Caratunk Girl said...

OMG such a cutie!! Have a great vacation!

Shan said...

OMG, I haven't seen grass in Boston for a LONG time - where is that Park?! :) Enjoy Colorado, and I can't wait to see you when you get back! xx

ADC said...

So glad Soren in feeling better. And Shaun is now at staff college so doing lots of studying and exams and I totally know how you feel with Dave's work. Hope Denver is fun.

Simone said...

Just make sure the implant is MRI safe or you will not be able to have one ever. Which means no soft tissue imaging. Just in case GOD FORBID you ever need an MRI. Just my 2 cents.

Laura said...

Tapes? You won't need tapes. You have a kid who will talk your ear off I'm sure. ha ha Good luck w/ everything.

You'll be back at it soon. Hang in there!

Jamie said...

So excited to hear about the implant and can't wait to hear more updates! Really big news.

John said...

so cute!! have a nice vacation.

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