Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ugly Truth

I know everyone wants to hear how hard i've been training and to some extent when I "train," I DO train just has been a bit far and few between.  My running is pretty consistent, my spin classes are consistent, my swimming-not so much and here is the honest to goodness truth.  I haven't ridden my bike outside since VINEMAN 70.3 last July. 

I love my bike, I mean, seriously love's fast, it has 650 wheels so I feel with every push I get more than one rotation in my wheels (is that even a technical bike term??), it's sleak, i'm proud to own it and I absolutely love riding it.  My issue:  lack of knowledge of the Boston area of a place I can ride that A: won't kill my tires/wheels as the roads here do to my car B: knowledge of a place I can ride in general, C: time in general to get in a good ride.  In San Diego, my time was limited, but I knew exactly where to go to fit in some quick rides.  Time is moving quickly and I have GOT to get my little Kestrel out and moving!!!

This weekend's goal is to get in a long swim and a ride somewhere, I got some good recommendations although one of them included riding up Beacon Street and then heading over to heartbreak hill (from Boston Marathon) and i'm thinking to myself as the guy is describing it "sounds like it has a lot of potholes and isn't this the equivalent of riding in Times Square?".  Ugh, so hopefully i'll find a place to ride very quickly!  The local bike shop here is pretty good so i'll be paying them a visit!

What else has been distracting me? Oh yeah, Dave and I scored a quick trip across the pond to Spain for five nights...sans Soren. It was awesome.  Did I miss my little guy: absolutely, did he miss us? Not so much :).  He never asked for us. Even once :).  Ok by me, i'd rather him be super entertained by my awesome parents than to ask for us on a regular basis!  It was so wonderful having my parents stay with him and spend quality time with him.  My dad took him on super long walks all over the place, they took him to a music class at the library and to the Cape and some other New England towns, they had a great time!  They told us we came home too soon.  Next up: another vacation to plan, but first, i've got a racing season to greet!

It's funny, I know my training isn't up to par like it normally is, but i'm relaxed and I think i'm actually pretty fit, i'm motivated, i'm relaxed and just really excited to race.  Next up:  Half Marathon here in Boston and the Rev3 QUASSY!!  STOKED about this race. Can't WAIT to meet my Trakkers teammates and do my first triathlon of the season!!!

Over and out!!


Kiersten said...

I completely understand the feeling. I haven't been outside on my bike yet this season, and my awesome Kestrel Airfoil pro is waiting to be fit. You have been consistently training and will be awesome in Quassy!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Bah stories. You can make them only so exciting. Now Spain.....that is exciting. Do tell more:)

Mer! said...

Jen, you have me laughing....I know, kind of a boring blog post, but it has been so long since my last post, so I decided to write a quick one and then today hopefully i'll post some Spain pics :) hehe!

THANKS KIER!!!! Hugs to you!

Caratunk Girl said...

Looking forward to those Spain pictures for sure!

See you at Quassy!!

Trigirlpink said...

Living in Brookline is convenient but not conducive to cycling that is for sure. Driving out to Walden Pond and getting in a swim and a ride is a good option, but it need to get warmer, for the swim part! Are you guys only here for a year? It takes a while to get used to getting around and finding good cycling routes. I know Luna has sponsored rides out of Concord as well.