Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The "T" Factor

I tried to think of a creative blog title, but again, i'm not really the creative type. SO-it's a play on the "triathlon" factor, but triathlon bike is a Kuota K-Factor, so I combined the two! Super creative right?

I started off this morning with an ocean swim with my rad friend Julia =0. I was supposed to swim yesterday, but due to work etc, I decided to do a long ocean swim early, before work. It worked out awesome! I usually have Thursday's off from training, but I was feeling wiped out today---so I swam and tomorrow I will do today's workout. I try to avoid this at all possible because i've learned from trial and error, once you start moving workouts around and missing workouts or trying to add more, it's disastrous, at least for me. But, I feel well rested enough today that moving a workout to tomorrow when I have more time is ok!

My schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:
Thursday: 3 hour ride/45 minute run
Friday: 75 minute run, 60 minute swim and a 30 minute ride.
Saturday: 4.5 hour ride/60 minute run
Sunday: 2 hour run/30 minute ride

I am working about 30 hours a week, so I typically do one workout in the morning if I can get up....and then the rest in the's manageable so far!

Since this is a training blog, it will get repetitive, so here is a "Mer Top 10"...things you may already know about me, but hey---people change, so you never know!!

1. I really hate sharing food---especially french fries (i'm getting better, but it was a challenge for me to even share with my 4 year old niece)
2. I eat frozen yogurt on average 4 times a week, as in, Dave and I drive to the frozen yogurt place, not just the kind you get in a tub @ the store--those are gross!
3. I love rainy Sundays, which I get from my mom--but they're hard to find in San Diego
4. I really don't like "period films"--you know, Remains of the Day, costume type movies. Must be post-WWI.
5. I read daily and I love watching t.v.-it's my "stupid time" and I enjoy every second.
6. I am not a morning person-my family can attest to this!
7. I am 99% a red wine person with the occasional 1% white.-Merlot rocks!
8. I'm the youngest of 3 girls and I fit my birth order description pretty well....(my family lives in Colorado)
9. I'm more of a "neat" person than a clean person, it takes a lot for me to get out the Lysol.
10. I majored in Interdisciplinary Social Science at James Madison University. Huh? It's a more liberal form of sociology-so i'm told.

Ok! Now that you have a little more dirt on me--back to training! thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mer, Great idea! You'll literally keep us posted :-) BTW Skyler wants some of your popcorn. Love, D

JMoTriBella said...

Love the Blog! It's about damn time! :)

I really miss rainy Sundays as well. You can't beat waking up to the sound of a rain shower and then turning back over in bed.

Heather said...

Love the T Factor! That's a great title!

Anonymous said...

I can just see the stare down if someone would steal a fry!! heehhee
This is a great idea!! Can't wait to keep reading and seeing more into the life of Mer!!
love, cole

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh reading about sharing food. I'm glad to know that you've 'grown up' since college and are getting better at sharing :) This is a fun idea...thanks!


Amanda Lovato said...

Hi Mer,
I love it!!!
You are so funny! I look forward to more posts:)

Kir said...

Hey Mer! Thanks for sharing this! This is a fantastic idea!!!! Your frozen yogurt comment made me think of the first time you came over to my house...we stopped at Baskin Robbins on the way home! WE COULDN'T EVEN DRIVE YET!!!!! Glad to see that some things never change!!!! Love, Fear