Friday, August 24, 2007

Sub 80 temps!

It was gorgeous here today! I could hardly wait to get on my bike and get started. I had to work this morning and didn't start my ride until 2:00.

I hesitate to mention to some of you suffering in the 100 degree heat in some areas--but there was almost a chill in the air down on the Silver Strand in Coronado. Boring for some to ride down there, but I love it, it's flat as a pancake and gives me good practice for being in my aero bars for Ironman. There is always a headwind somewhere, so that offers a challenge.

I did a 3 hour and 9 minute ride which was 53 miles-I forget actually, I dropped my bike off at the shop to get looked at and it escapes me..anyhoo, I felt really solid, great ride. Unfortunately, I didn't leave enough time after lunch and my peanut butter and jelly and pretzel sandwich (yes, I like pretzels IN the sandwich) stayed with me for quite some time (thanks for sharing, I know). Unfortunately since I signed up for the bike class, I cut it too close to my run, so I crammed in a rediculously short run, but not the 45 minute run I was supposed to do. However, i'm happy to report that I actually felt great in my run, so i'm slightly bummed I couldn't run the whole time. And it's a really really rare moment when i'm bummed I can't run "more." Running is my least favorite of the 3....

Funny story: i'm out riding and all of a sudden I catch a glimpse of a helmet behind me and it startled me at first because the helmet was really close to my bike--and I realized that someone was drafting off of me. Drafting is when someone rides really close to your tire, so, basically you break the wind and they reap the benefits of riding behind you. It's a group cycling skill and a skill most cyclists use regularly. However, in triathlon, drafting is illegal in most races, especially because when people are in aerobars, they have less control, so no drafting. At the end of each hour of my ride I have to ride hard for 15, I finish that and I noticed the guy---because it's always a guy that jumps on the back of someone else's wheel, I have yet to see a random woman do it, then again, I haven't been riding long enough. I think to myself...ok, drop him. So, I had been going about 18 mph--kind of coming down from going fast already....and I up it to 21 mph...I was already a bit spent from my hard 15 minutes--so, my cadence was up to like 88 and i'm cruising...and of chain falls off when I shift from the big to small rings in the front and I stop. He flies passed me and goes "thanks for the ride"...and I don't respond. he circles back around, huffing...and says "sorry to't...pass...and i figured you'd give me a good workout." I responded "yeah, i have a hearing aid, so i couldn't hear you behind me, so it freaked me out" He responds: "I couldn't keep up" (looks down at his bike) I go: "yeah, you're on a mountain bike". Anyhoo, kudos to him for the mountain bike pace, but i'm just not a fan of random people jumping on my wheel like that, I think it's because it reminds me of how little I truly hear, and I couldn't hear him behind me, so it scared me. I'm sure some more experienced riders are used to it, but for me it just seems strange, like I wouldn't randomly just start drafting off of someone that I didn't know--it just seems funny!

Looking forward to my 75 minute trail run tomorrow and a nice swim...and getting on my road bike for a short ride. Thanks to everyone for your comments, they really make me smile and keep me motivated! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Yup , me again ....about that funny story....Dont listen to your really dont need a deaf rider sign....much better to be scared.

Love , MoM