Friday, September 28, 2007

Chlorine, runny nose and sore nose...

It always seems that no matter how much I scrub after a swim, I always smell like the pool and the pool I swim in actually doesn't have too much chlorine in it. What is it about swimming that I find frustrating: it's the process of before and after. Gathering all my stuff to swim, makeup, brushes, flip flops so I don't walk on the floor (ugh), shampoo, that sort of thing. Ok, so in the grand scheme of things I know you're thinking "Big Deal," but after several months of doing this constantly, i'm just craving a day where I don't have to pack a bag!

That said, my swim today went off without a hitch, I got out of work early and drove to the pool and did my 90 minute swim. I had to roll my eyes because I got out of the car and entered the pool area (I had to park in a parking garage kind of far away) and realized I left my swim workout that I had written out---in the car. So, I kind of winged it...I think I did about 3600-3800 meters maybe? Anyway, I did some drills, sprints, pulls, kicks and then some endurance stuff--one portion I swam a straight 1500. I think i'm supposed to be swimming straight 3000's right now, but i'll be honest----that is absolutely the most boring thing i've ever heard of and I cannot adhere to that for the life of me. I've never swum a continuous 3000 in practice and i'm not starting now. I do enough long swims to feel confident that I can complete the 2.4 mile swim.

Now that i've said that, watch, i'll drown or take in too much water, have my goggles knocked off, or worse--get eaten by something.

Florida actually is a 2 loop swim. So, you do 1.2 miles, you come OUT of the water--which some people are thinking "yayy, break"...WRONG, that is a nightmare for me--because then you have to re-enter the water i.e., fight through waves all over again and your arms are already exhausted. Unless it's different from the years before, this is what i'm expecting.

Um...we're not going to discuss my run today---just for laughs--it was 4 minutes long. Supposed to be a 60 minute hill run. I kinda ran out of gas and extremely low motivation. Where is Amanda Lovato when I need her? (my amazing coach).

When I lived in Colorado for a few months, I did a track workout with Amanda--I think i'm still breathing heavy from that. My heart rate average was something like 175 for the workout!! It was pouring freaking rain, freezing and there was Amanda encouraging me and Angie (another gal who gets coached by Amanda) and she was winding up her arm saying "GO Meredith, come on, push through it." I think Amanda is planning on being in Florida-----I can see it now 4:00 a.m. on Ironman morning and she'll be like calling or something to make sure i'm up eating. (Just Kidding, she's got her own stuff to worry about!).

I'm to dinner!

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Kir said...

Hee Hee! I TOTALLY understand how you feel about packing a bag every day of your life! Since my surgery this summer I was always packing a bag to bring things with me to work and then it was packing a bag to go to physical therapy after work.....still in therapy....still packing that stupid bag!!! But, I have high hopes for both of us that we won't be packing many more bags!!!!!