Friday, September 28, 2007

Midweek success!

This week i've had some good success in the "distance" department, i've managed to get in my long distance workouts this week on the bike and the run. Unfortunately, my swimming hasn't been great because I swim at the Naval Hospital pool and my ID was confiscated by a rather over-eager fake cop because it was expired. So, until Dave was able to take me to get a new one, I couldn' t swim. It's ok though, more importantly my long run and ride(s) this week were great and my transition runs were solid.

(transition runs are when I get off my bike and put on my sneakers for a run immediately following biking--this prepares me for what i'll actually do in the race). I think i've said before as hard as these runs are in the beginning when you're tired from biking, I think they're one of the most important training aspects of triathlon. When you come off the bike, your legs are usually so dead that to get them "running," is difficult. I'm really excited though because I haven't had that "dead" feeling in a really long time so i'm not sure if i'm just getting used to these runs, or maybe i'm not pushing myself hard enough on the bike. However, my legs are tight this morning, so I know I went hard on the bike yesterday.

I rode for 3 hours which is just over 50 miles and ran for about 20 minutes...and earlier in the week I was able to get in a 2 hour ride with a 15 minute run, so i'm happy with my consistency on the bike this week! My long run from Tuesday also went really well.

Today i'm going to try to get in most of my work out: 90 minute swim, 60 minute run and a 30 minute ride. I have to work a full day (rather than my usual 8-2) so im not sure what I can get in........I had my pool bag all set and my alarm set for 5:30 to get in a 90 minute swim. That didn't happen. I'm absolutely terrible at getting up early....I hate it, and usually unless it involves me going to the airport or taking someone to the airport it's difficult to get me up in the "5" range. I can do 6:00's but it's hard =0.......oh well, we all have our weak points right?

Tomorrow i'm riding with a small group down at Coronado (super flat)....we're all riding 5.5 -6 hours and i'll have some people to make sure I stick to my transition run after--sometimes I cut them short, but tomorrow i'm going to make sure I get in my full run.

I'm feeling more motivated this week, maybe because I know my last super long ride is next Saturday. Once next week hits I start tapering and my training becomes shorter. Sometimes tapering is hard for some people because they worry about losing fitness or weight gain.....for me I know how much my body responds to rest and i'm looking forward to a nice long taper. Since i've been actively training since February (for one race or another) i'm very much looking forward to a lighter schedule. I want to focus on stretching and maybe some massages and keeping myself loose.

Thanks for reading, more probably tomorrow!!

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