Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finally Cooling Off!

I haven't been writing much this week because my training has been short due to my race this weekend. However, the past two days i've done a swim and a run. Both were really solid, I felt great in the pool even though it was literally like bath water! I did a one hour run and I felt awesome. For me to say I felt awesome on a run is very rare! It has cooled off considerably in San Diego, finally and that helps my performance tremendously. I"ve always been the type to overheat in exercise, my face turns half red and half white, as does my dad's....well, it's more blotchy red and white, and it takes me a really long time to cool down. Yet another reason why I picked a November Ironman! If it's going to take me that long to do something, I might as well try to get it as cool as I can right? I think these rest days have been really awesome for me, the aches in my knees i've been having and my plantar fascitis has subsided considerably. I know after my race i'll have to ramp up a few more weeks of hard Ironman training, but I finally feel like i'm getting closer to the race. From the looks of my schedule it looks like I start cutting back on long rides starting the weekend of October 3rd, meaning I go from a 6 hour ride back to 4.5 I think?? So, i'm looking forward to more hard work and then a nice long taper to let my body rest. One thing I actually should be doing is getting massages since these long workouts are tough! I'm looking into that now--there is a massage therapy school in Pacific Beach that everyone seems to recommend, i'll keep you posted! Today is a 30 minute swim, 60 minute ride and 20 minute run. Julia and I leave tomorrow to head up to Santa Cruz!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in the Big Kahuna!! You will be great!!
big hugs, cole