Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Unscheduled Time off..

I took Sunday after my long ride off, and yesterday I had good intentions to do my workout, but we were still in Orange County visiting Dave's brother, Paul and Brieanna his fiance and my niece Bella...so, I ended up taking yesterday off as well. Honestly, it felt really great, coming off a hard/long ride it felt nice to really take time off. Especially because I have a Half Ironman this weekend up in Santa Cruz called The Big Kahuna, I really need my legs fresh. I have some scheduled workouts this week and i'm back on track today---but it's a light week due to my race. I don't necesarily stop training during the week if I have a race, but the amount/distance is reduced--called tapering. It's also hard to taper for one race when I have Ironman so close, but if I don't--my performance in Big Kahuna will be stiff. I've gone into races before sore from training and I hate that feeling..almost like shooting myself in the foot before I even start. I'm very much looking forward to Big Kahuna, cold water (60 degree's, yikes!)....but, the course should be gorgeous and i'm riding up with my friend Julia, it should be really fun..we're staying with close friends of hers. Tonight i'll clean and check out my race wheels---I was having issues with the rear wheel before my last Sprint triathlon, so I need to make sure my bike is in good order. Packing for an "away" race is always somewhat of a pain, since I have to bring food too--so I have all the things that I want. I'll keep you posted on training this week! Thanks for reading!

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Kir said...

If I don't post another message before this weekend GOOD LUCK!!!! I'll be thinking of you!!! Can't wait to hear how it went! I'm headed to New Orleans tomorrow but I'll have the computer to check in!!!! You are doing fabulous!!! =)