Sunday, September 16, 2007

New nutrition and a solid day!

Well, i'm happy to report that despite a rather late start this morning, I had a solid day of training. I had a 5 hour ride which ended up being 85.5 miles and an "eh" run...32 minute run, not 45 like I had planned, but still good.

I tested out a new food plan for the day and it seemed to work well...though I think I need to mix a bottle or two of regular water in with the was the plan, I think it's kind of amusing ...on my bike to eat while riding I had:
*I have two water bottles, both filled with gatorade and I had 3 more in my car in case I ran out (which I did).
*I carried 2 Pure Fit Bars (similar to Powerbars-no fiber, mostly carbs and protein)
*18 Shot Bloks (picture like 1/2 inch sized gummy bites, they're margarita flavored, yum!)

I had to remember to take two gulps of the gatorade every ten minutes on the bike and also every 20 minutes I had to eat a certain number of shot bloks, and THEN...every hour on the hour starting with hour 2---I ate 1/2 a Pure Fit Bar. Quite the plan.

And as much as San Diego loves the tourists, it's nice to be finally riding my bike without dodging clueless people on the bike path. Next week my sister, Trinette is in town and she is going to ride with me and a friend of mine, so we'll go up the coast, it should be great! Thanks for reading, tomorrow is some kind of heinous run which i'm sure i'll write about, but first is a tasty breakfast in Hillcrest at Hash House with Dave's friend from college and his wife----and once I digest, i'll be off on my run!


Kir said...

That is quite the nutrition plan! It's a lot to adjust to but I know you'll improve and get things ironed out by the race!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! Keep up the great work! =)

mary kay keenan said...


we are so impressed.
we'll be cheering you on from clara barton.
you go girl!!!!!

mary kay keenan