Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some rest and starting back up....

Well, I had some earlier workouts in the week that I didn't really feel I was quite ready for, since my knees were really aching from my race. So, I basically did one swim yesterday and I did my track workout for today. Ummm, yeahhh, I tend to love/hate track workouts because I love them since I see the improvement, but I hate them on days like today when they leave me dizzy after each interval and I feel somewhat fatigued from the race. I had to do 4x1200 (a 1200 is 3/4 of a mile) so I did that 4x .....the first two I did great actually--and even my warm up mile was an 8:20 mile....somewhere, I just bonked---the last two 1200's were pretty week. I'm hoping tomorrow to go full force with my training again, no more missing workouts. Honestly, i've gotten pretty good about reading my body and I knew I needed a little more rest after this race. So! Tomorrow it is back to normal--and heading into a long weekend.
Tomorrow: run 45 min, swim 90, bike 60. Hoping to get the swim or the run in before work and do the rest after. I've been in contact with my coach about better nutrition on the bike, so this weekend, I am implementing a more solid plan, i'm going to ride on the Silver Strand in Coronado, with a small cooler in my car with some water bottles etc to kind of stimulate what I might be doing at Ironman (ie, that is, fueling up properly on my ride). I'm looking forward to it. My riding buddy, Elaine is doing the Malibu triathlon so I decided to stick closer to home and hammer it out on the much as one can do that while riding for 5 hours.
More tomorrow, this was kind of a boring post, but, I did have a "moment" today. After somewhat of a frustrating track workout, I was by Lake Miramar and I was able to stretch and have some downtime to really think about Ironman.......and how lucky I feel to have been able to train and work hard for something like this........and i'm really really trying to keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mer! I just read through your blogs. You are amazing - your effort and drive are incredible!