Sunday, October 7, 2007

Desitin!! Just for babies...I think not!

***warning below post contains some bodily issues that may not be suitable for all readers. nothing graphic, but hey--these things happen as a result of training***

After my ride yesterday I had some minor chafing----nothing awful, but definitely uncomfortable! I needed to put some ointment on and I didn't want hydrocortisone or anything with active medicinal ingredients. So----I thought about it and low and behold I came up with Desitin! The diaper rash ointment. Let me tell you--that $5.00 tube is 1/2 gone and I bought it last night. Worth every penny. It actually dries so it's not messy and it works AWESOME. Woke up this morning very happy. I'm taking at least 2 tubes with me to Ironman and I plan on testing it out next week during my ride. I really don't want chamois butter---it's expensive and i don't know, the idea of it just sounds gross. I figure anything made for a babies ass has to be good enough for mine right? =0

I had a 75 minute swim so far today, all went well, thanks to the Desitin working over night =0...trying to get in at least my 40 minute run later!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I thought of you when I used some Desitin on Jack :) I said, "Mer uses this for chafing, Jack. Apparently it works pretty well." I can't believe it is getting so close!!! You will do an amazing job!!! Love, Lauren