Tuesday, October 9, 2007

WHY is it still hot here??

Hello, earth to San Diego, it's FALL, so why is it still 80 degrees out? I'm sure for the bulk of you on the east coast getting ready for the fall you're rolling your eyes because i'm complaining about San Diego weather. Don't get me wrong, I usually love the warm weather and constant sunshine. However, every so often, I miss.....the east coast Fall season. Gasp! Yes, there is something I miss about the east coast other than my friends.

Yesterday I did a nice long swim for 75 minutes--about 3400 meters (2.1 miles)...I tried to vary up the swim, some sprints/drills and felt "ok". Then, I went home, picked up Dave and we drove to Coronado so he could run and I rode. Slow ride to start with, then I picked it up at the end. Rode for a little over an hour, about 18 miles...woohoo. Ya know, it felt great to JUST ride for an hour like a normal person!

Today---was nice and hot with a little breeze today for my run..I ran for just over an hour--about 7.25 miles. Felt slow to start, shocker because it was STILL 80 degrees out. I did the last mile in 7:53......stoked about that. My knees were fine while running. However after finishing the right one was a bit sore. Oh well, I was supposed to run for 2.5 hours today, and I did myself a favor by backing off, so i'm glad I got in a solid one hour run.

I'm starting to get a little weird about my health in the upcoming weeks. Today I bought "Emergen"C" that stuff with the rediculous amounts of vitamin c in it. I'm so paranoid i'm going to get bronchitis, which I had EVERY Fall in college, so if it was going to resurface, now would be obviously the perfect time. I am also being superstitious and eating an orange everyday. I think some people also say easing off on the training helps. Ding! Ding! Ding! Easing off on training sounds excellent!

Tomorrow: I have a longer ride followed by....a MASSAGE. I am SO excited for this massage....we'll see if I actually get up off the table! Off to get frozen yogurt--I have to convince Dave he needs a study break (well, not really, I think he's got his shoes on already!).

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