Sunday, October 21, 2007

LAST long ride...DONE.

I can't believe I just got to type that! All these months of knowing i'd have long, long rides and I just did my last one.

3 hrs and we did 53 miles, not bad at all! I also did a quick transition run...I was having some stomach issues today, not training related but I couldn't run as long as I would have liked. Thankfully my 40 minute run yesterday went well! I am really sore for some reason though, i'm thinking it was that stupid massage I had. I know what you're thinking "massage, a problem, yeah right." However, since it was a sports massage they tend to "dig deeper" ..ugh, so now my feet actually hurt and so do my thighs. Hopefully with some rest tomorrow i'll be feeling better. In the meantime, i've been rolling my feet over cold water bottles to numb the arches (Now, if *that* description doesn't get you to sign up for an Ironman, I don't know what will!)

Anyway--not to worry, I actually took my birthday "off," and didn't train, went to the mall and found a cute dress to wear out that night (for those of you who were worried about my training to hard). (I realize this is my triathlon blog, but my birthday happened to get in the way of my training).

Technically: I have a 2.5 hour ride next Saturday--however, I'll be in Arizona helping one of my friends, Angie out at her first Half, I won't be able to do my "technical" last, this weekend was it.

I actually only have one more day that I can ride my triathlon bike, since it is in the shop right now--getting one last tune up. I have to drop it off at another shop on Wednesday to ship it to Florida (they drive the bike w/other bikes to the race, so I don't have to do it myself). Usually i rent a bike box, but for Ironman, i want everything done and ready and easy! So--that means.....part of this week and next week, after my triathlon bike is shipped, I have to attempt to ride my road bike. UGH. It's so uncomfortable and it still has bugs on it from when I drove back from Colorado..oops! I should probably get out some serious cleaning stuff before I ride it!

Thanks for reading!!


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Kir said...

Actually, I've also had a few sports massages or deep tissue massages....awesome...but yes, you are sore...even a few days afterwards but they are still my favorite!!! Hope you have a great rest of your week! Enjoy your trip!!!!!