Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend recap:

So far:
Today: I biked 30 minutes, ran for 40 and swam for 60....all went well and it took some serious motivation to get out of the house since my birthday was yesterday and it was extremely well spent with some friends of ours and Dave and I testing out a new-to-us restaurant downtown San Diego..yum...and then we hit a local bar and did some dancing...I had enough drinks to have fun, but not enough to prevent me from training today. I slept in and then hit Coronado for a few hours.

The day is finally here: Tomorrow is my last "weekend" ride. I'll be in Arizona next weekend, and I am dropping my bike off this Wednesday to be shipped to Florida (they ship it without breaking it down in a box). SO--tomorrow after my THREE hour ride (YAYY, that is very short by weekend-ride-standards)....i'll drop off the bike to have it completely tuned, and my race wheels set up and those have to be adjusted a little and then i'll ride it one last time probably on Tuesday and it'll be set!

I did some more shopping today to get stuff for Ironman this was my shopping list: Tylenol, Immodium and Gas-X strips...i'm sure the person at Target thought I was having major health issues....can't ever be too prepared though right? I'm also taking some Prilosec for the bike ride as well!

SO excited to be finished at a reasonable hour tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Gas X makes strips? Who knew?
You are a champ training on your birthday. Do you ever want to just sit home and watch TV and not train? I think I'd be so tempted.
It's coming so quickly!!! Lauren