Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not a bad rest of the week!

So--I took Thursday off after my massage and honestly, the massage felt great, but I think the masseuse definitely hit some sore spots on my back. My back has been bothering me since then, finally the ache subsided today (Saturday). Friday I had a pretty solid workout of 90 minute swim (about 3600 meters) and then I ran for an hour. Hmmm, so yeah---after my run, my right knee wasn't so thrilled. So--I took today off completely, and i'm going to do a 4 hour ride tomorrow followed by a transition run.

At this point, as my coach has mentioned, all my training is "in the bag" so to speak, and everything i'm doing now is keeping myself moving etc. I am working on getting things in order to go to Florida. I brought my bike into the shop this week and got my "drink system" mounted on the back of my bike. I can carry 4 bottles this way and be less reliant upon aid stations and stopping. The rear drink system is set up really awesome, my friend Julia at B&L Bikes worked hard to get the stupid thing to stay on---it was hard to get the bolts to line up and she outfitted me with some great water cages to hold the bottles.

For those of you who don't know--I can actually get a "time penalty" if I lose water bottles. For example, if i'm riding and a water bottle pops out, they can add time to my finish time for "littering" so, it's really important that I try my best to make sure all my trash and bottles end up where they are supposed to!

The weather is cooling down here-yay, should be about 65 for my ride tomorrow! Right now, i'm enjoying watching the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on our computer (it isn't broadcasted on t.v. for a few months).....figures, it's like the World Cup for soccer, the entire world is really into it and excited, except the US. If it isn't baseball or football, our country could care less about any other sports. Granted, triathlon is kind of new, but I would expect at least *some* coverage from TBS or ESPN. Definitely not the major networks, ABC, NBC etc, but *something* from the other smaller stations. Our triathlon club got an email from someone in Germany who said it's broadcasted on their major networks! Anyway, so, here I sit. Guess I can't give Dave a hard time about trying to watch the Seahawks game on the computer when it isn't on t.v.!

I'm really watching to see how my coach's husband does: Michael Lovato---looks like he's having an amazing race. Then again, my version of "amazing" and his may be two very different things, but he is on the "run" portion right now and he's averaging about a 6:15 mile........SMOKIN' FAST! Go Michael!

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