Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All the kinks are smoothed out...

My massage was Fahhhhbulous. So fabulous in fact, I signed up for another one next week. They are discounted, so that helps, but seriously, it relieved a ton of tension and soreness especially in my legs. The therapist suggested I make an appointment with their doctor to have my knee checked out (of course he did, how else would he promote their business), however, I may go ahead and do it, especially because they accept my insurance, so no big woop right? Plus, he's a doctor with a sports medicine emphasis and his wife apparently finished in the top 10 in the Boston marathon this year---so i'm thinking he knows a thing or two about endurance training. The last thing I want is someone to "advise me against" doing my Ironman. So, hopefully when I have my massage next week, I can also meet with the doctor.

Today wasn't all fun and games people--I got in a 2 hour and 15 minute ride....felt slow in the beginning, no thanks to a horrendous headwind....however, I had a fantastic tailwind on the way back! Hence, the 2 hr 15 minute ride instead of 2 hrs and 30 min! All was good today, though I spent a lot of time thinking about triathlon nerds, people with no other life and nothing else to talk about other than triathlon....or, those who gasp with shock when my weekends aren't spent with members of our triathlon club. I really don't want to become one of those "one track minded" people....very scary! It's frustrating sometimes for me because I like "getting to know" people, so when I hang out with people, I try to ask questions unrelated to triathlon since "hello, I already know you do triathlons" I like to find out more about people.

However, most of the time people tend to *only* talk about what races they've done, what they're going to do etc. I've actually stood there for like a half hour and just listen to someone go on and on about a race and i'm standing there thinking that they know absolutely nothing else about my life. Just bizzare!

Some people, i've actually known for almost a year and I can't even tell you anything else about them, some, not even where they're from originally. It's almost an unnatural relationship with some people, almost to the point where I don't ask them to do anything like normal people do--go to the beach, grab frozen yogurt, SHOPPING, since I don't even know if they like that stuff! Anyway, random subject, however, still triathlon related. I have met some super cool people for the most part--I just wish I could get some other people to open up a bit!

Off to Souplantation....YUM (all you can eat).....tasty!!

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I am VERY proud of you !!