Thursday, October 25, 2007

A "PS:" to the post below..

Regarding gyms: since I started triathlon, I don't belong to a gym anymore and I don't miss it. The only time I go to a "gym" is the pool at the Naval Hospital, there is a gym attached, but it's only for physical therapy, so the pool is never crowded (yay!)....and it's free since we're military...

Hey--look at that the military has exactly 3 benefits:
1. Tax free grocery shopping
2. The opportunity to live in Southern California (some may call this a burden, but I love it!).
3. Free use of gyms.....or pools..

See--I can find the positive in *anything* =0

I was on the treadmill today thinking how unmotivated I would be if I had to go to the gym to "workout". Granted, swim/bike/run isn't for everybody, but the fact that I wanted to get off the treadmill *that* badly---doesn't fare well if I ever have to leave the Southern California area...

It's just that same old though of "I have to go to the gym," or the questions "Did you go to the gym today"...or, "when was the last time you went to the gym"'s like a whole, awful, unmotivating sequence.

I would much rather throw my bike on top of my car ride it for a few hours and then run....granted, if I lived back East like I used to---I would have to find some way to continue triathlon with minimal gym usage.

Ok, just wanted to dig deeper into my anti-gym rant. It's so sad in there too--no one talks, everyone is just as miserable as the next person. It's almost like going to the library.....too quiet in there for me and I always get in trouble at the library-for talking. Go figure.

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Jill said...

WAIT Mer, how do you really feel about gyms? I agree - free gym use is a perk of military "wife" status but it still sucks to have to go. Surprise - it's me! Looks like you've been VERY busy! Enjoy AZ and good luck getting ready! Love, Jill