Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tapering and I HATE GYMS.

Since the fires started on Sunday, I haven't been to work--and don't get crazy thinkin' I've been running around training and getting in one last 50 mile run or something =0--Oh, definitely not! In regards to tapering: I always hear pro's talking/worrying about their taper and many of them find tapering difficult because they want to work out. Yeah--you're not likely to hear me complaining about my taper! I absolutely LOVE tapering. I have no problem *not* training. I feel like I rest more, I eat less and I actually eat better.
Some thoughts on tapering:
1. I love to put my feet down on the carpet in the morning and not hobble to the bathroom.
2. I love that I don't have to carry 2 snacks with me wherever I go--because during training, I am CONSTANTLY hungry. Tapering--I can go do errands and not freak out because I know I won't get hungry.
3. I like that my bike is GONE BABY GONE! It has left the state of California, thus preventing me from any long rides. (that said, I do love my bike, I was just ready for it to GO!).
4. I like that tapering means my race is coming and I get to see my family whom I haven't seen since June.
5. My favorite reason for tapering, is I feel like my body is actively resting and i'm conserving some energy to be unleashed race day. Did I just write "unleash?"..i'm such a loser.....but it's true, I like that my aches and pains are FINALLY going away!

That said, my tapering thoughts bring me to the *training* that I have been doing:
I paid $5.00 last night to do a 45 minute swim in a pool that was 89 degrees. It was like swimming in a poorly heated hot tub, and minus the jets. Not refreshing, but it got my muscles working.

Woke up today and knew the air quality was bad, so it was back to the Y again. This time I paid $10.00 to cycle on a recumbant bike for 45 minutes and run for 45 minutes....on the dreaded...freaking...treadmill. I hate treadmills. Honestly, I ALMOST got off after 4 minutes. I didn't though, I held strong. I made a deal with myself, if I let myself off to go to the bathroom at 15 minutes, I HAD to get back on to finish the run..and I did. I literally stare at the numbers: 15:05, 15:06.......and they have t.v.'s on all the cardio equipment. Unfortunately, for me, wearing hearing aids isn't compatible with any of their headphones, so I have to find something that doesn't involve listening: watching Barefoot Contessa make yummy pancakes, and a very unfortunate woman on TLC learning "what not to wear," ...really people---look colored cowboy boots really go with leg warmers and shorts?? Yikes!

SO! I left the gym and tomorrow I finally go back to work---and I have a flight in the afternoon to Phoenix to go cheer Angie on at SOMA. I'll be back on Sunday. I have no idea what type of training i'll get in, hoping for at least a swim and maybe some sort of run?

True to phoenix fashion, it's still in the 90's......lovely!

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