Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Top 20 training thoughts...and then some..

I wouldn't say that i've made "sacrifices" in my Ironman training. This was something I chose to do...however, I know that other people have made sacrifices for me, whether it be agreeing to meet me for dinner at 8:00 p.m., understanding that I can't necessarily visit when I want, or that yes, on vacation, I had to find time to train. However, when I look back at these months since February, I guess I have given up some freedom to just "be." Instead, I chose to take that time to become a stronger and more determined athlete. Here is what I remember:

1. I remember having to put on four layers to go running in Colorado after my early morning swims and keeping all four layers on during the run.
2. Seeing Dawn at the pool at 6:00 a.m. to start my swim: and she was already done!
3. Wiping snow and scrapping off ice to go to the pool in Colorado.
4. I remember my shot bloks being freezing cold during my runs...and forgetting to bring water.
5. I remember thinking that a 45 minute run and 45 minute swim all in one day was too much.
6. Having to hose off my bike after a "slight" ride with Trinette and her roommate in downtown Denver...turns out snow is dirty!
4. I remember swimming in 4 different pools in one week when Dave came back from deployment and we were in living in a hotel!
5. I remember trying to squeeze in workouts on vacation in Arizona--2 different pools, riding half on the trainer and half outside since it was 100 degrees, and running early in the morning--when "early" was never early enough.
6. Finding a track nearly 30 minutes away from Dave's parents house, sneaking in the track and nearly passing out because I thought 8:00 a.m. was early enough for a track workout....rubber heats up decently as it turns out.
7. Running on a treadmill with steam pouring down the windows on a 2-day vacation to Puerto Vallarta.
8. Skipping training all together while at a friends' wedding in Chicago, worrying I would run out of time to train...(ha!).
9. Running in Maine with my sister along roads that had no shoulder..and jumping off of a boat after water skiing to get in my "long swim" that day.
10. Routinely stepping out of bed in the morning with my feet aching, my back sore and my arms stiff. Followed by: icing my knees and legs, rolling on a foam roller to stretch out...
11. Training with my coach, Amanda Lovato in Boulder...with my lungs burning and the rain pouring down (and Amanda winding her arms up to get me to move faster!).
12. Watching myself improve from a 9:00+ mile pace to just over an 8:00/pace.
13. DNF---in Minneapolis, my first ever....the disappointment burned.
14. Averaging 20.5 mph for 56 miles in the Big Kahuna 1/2 Ironman
15. Running a 7:21 minute mile in a sprint triathlon.
16. Knowing, despite a solid finish at Wildflower, how much effort it took, and a ton of aches and pains..this made me nervous for Ironman.
17. I remember hours of riding and wishing that I was at home with Dave.
18. Getting home and getting a hug from Dave and knowing he was glad I rode.
19. I remember being way too emotional about's just a race right?
20. I know i'm emotional about Ironman because I get to finally prove that all of my training ---is worth it. I want to show people that something hard doesn't have to be impossible, but yeah, you do give up something along the way-whether it be a clean house, or less groceries, but you don't have to lose yourself in the process. I'm 16 days out and I say to Ironman.....BRING IT!

---thank you to all of you who have written me notes and offered me support and smiles...i'll keep you posted on my last weeks of training (2!)


Anonymous said...

It will be worth it! You have worked so hard. I am so proud of you...and you haven't even done "it" yet!!! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

That was me, Lauren.

Kir said...

This is exactly why I keep telling you how inspiring you are to me. I'm so very proud of you!!!!