Thursday, October 18, 2007

Classic example..

Of why i'm excited Ironman is fastly approaching and training is ending....:

Dave was "post-call" today, and it's his birthday, so he essentially had the day off! I had no clients at work and our system was down, so I came back home after a few phone calls. However, I couldn't really sit at home because I took yesterday off and I had a 2 hour ride and transition run to get in. UGH-so, times like these when I could be taking advantage of what little time Dave and I have (when we're not running around).....but...I went out to train.

True to Dave form he said "GO--you'll feel better you did it later"....he's right. Rather suck it up than have the guilt later. So--I got in a 2 hour ride and short transition run (was able to average 8:45 pace again off the bike, a bit of a struggle, but I found my rhythm soon enough). I feel well prepared for any wind in Florida--almost all of my rides have a nice solid headwind when you're going 23 mph and then all of a sudden you're struggling to make 13 mph! Thankfully it wasn't gusty or cross winds, i can handle the headwinds!

Tomorrow is my birthday, yay! And I have a full day at work, i'll do a long swim in the morning and maybe something else in the afternoon after work?

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Anonymous said...

Hey!Happy Birthday!!!! Don't train to hard on your b-day!! Eat some birthday cake for me. That is my favorite desert!!! See Ya soon!!!