Sunday, December 23, 2007

7 Miles..wahoo!

After my motivation post yesterday, Dave and I were behind in time getting up to our niece's 2nd birthday party up in the "OC" we skipped our run. So, this morning, after the party, put on our running clothes and drove right to Miramar Lake from OC...he ran 10 miles and I ran 7. By far my longest run since IMFL and actually one of my better runs. Dave calculated he thought my pace was somewhere around 8:30....which means I was moving along (for me!). I was happy with the run, plus, it was so "holiday-like" with everyone running/walking around the lake and it was just a reminder to myself, how lucky I am to have an amazing partner in life that supports me in all that I do....and a family who is just so excited to see us in Colorado in two days. I haven't seen my 2 nieces and nephew since June.....that is so hard for me---i'm very much looking forward to some hugs and kid games!

My toes actually hurt after the run, i'm contemplating switching running shoe brands. I wear Mizuno's which I absolutely love...but lately, after analyzing my season last year with the plantar fascititis, I wonder if it's not just that my calves need to be stretched, but maybe it's my running shoes too. I've also thought about some orthotics, so that's on my list of things to tackle in the new year.

My resolutions for 2008:
1. Be more all aspects of my life
2. Not be afraid to push myself in running and get rid of negative thoughts while running (i.e., "my feet hurt," " my legs are tired," "my lungs need air" "how much longer" "I need water"). It's a wonder I ever finish a run right?
3. Get better about writing thank you is such a cop out.
4. Learn how to take a favorite ingredient of mine (such as feta cheese or lentils (not together) and make several dishes with them
5. Walk my dogs more frequently...backyards can be the death of a healthy dog, we get so lazy we just "let them out," dogs love walks.
6. Learn how to do Chapter 31 reports at work more efficiently (I assist veterans with disabilities getting out of the military on a medical board...I help them transition into being a civilian).
7. Eat more fruit (I say this every year!)
8. Slow down...
9. Enjoy triathlon some more---and not be so competitive with myself!
10. Clean my bike more regularly!

A little off the "triathlon" topic, but I figured resolutions are "blog worthy" since I can be held accountable for them, since they're in writing!!

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