Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Even though my nose was sniffling still a bit, I decided I was "over it" and ran my long run today. So, keep in mind I haven't run or done anything except swim 30 minutes in the last two weeks. My schedule for today was a 75 minute easy run (in preparation for my 1/2 marathon on the 20th) and a 30 minute ride.

Did it. 75 minutes. Done. YAY! And, the scary thing...I felt *really good* not *really fast* but, good, as in, if I needed to, I could have kept going. I did some huge stretching after....and just to make my coach and my sister proud, I went to the gym and lifted weights!!! YAY!

Unfortunately, I couldn't fit in the cycling today. So, it's official, with my cold gone, 2008 triathlon training season has begun. Now, I have to start over again with fitting all my stuff in. I try to fit in training immediately after work. I can usually get off work about 1:30 or 2:00....the days are still short, but I can get in enough. I figure whatever I don't get in cycling, I can use the trainer.

Where it gets complicated is when my friends want to meet in the afternoon, and stuff like that, so sometimes, depending on the workout, I can arrange it to fit everything in...sometimes, I have to meet someone later, that sort of thing. However, when I have a schedule, I really do stick with it. All along, until the month of August, last year I was in a major funk in August, hated training,, annoyed with it, tired and I felt like November would never come. This year, i'm taking some time to heal my knee, lift weights and i'm going to focus a lot on running this year, getting in some half marathons, so that when Ironman Arizona comes in November, long distance running should feel more natural by then, as opposed to a giant shock to my system.

Note: I didn't say I would be "used" to long distance running by then =0, just hoping for a more natural feel to it. I've done 4 marathons (Ironman Florida was my 4th), I really truly respect the distance, so i'd like to work on becoming more comfortable with it!

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