Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting there!

Dave and I in La Jolla--weekend our parents visited..
Dave and my brother-in-law Jeff getting ready to run the Sacramento Marathon (brrr!)
Me in La Jolla
My dad, mom, Dave's mom, Dave's dad..getting ready to walk the Silver Strand Half Marathon! (they flew in from Denver and Phoenix)
My sisters, Trinette & Dawn, Me and My mom....at dinner over Christmas in Colorado!

I was really excited yesterday to go for a swim and then run....and when I got to the pool I realized the indoor pool was taken up with what seemed like 50 old people doing water aerobics. I shall refrain from comments on water aerobics, with fear of sounding rude, plus, I don't have osteoporosis or arthritis so I really can't imagine what it's like to have only water aerobics to rely upon for exercise. Anyhoo------I geared up, went outside and swam in the outdoor pool. I did my 30 minutes and my throat was on fire. I was annoyed--I thought I was feeling better and by the end of my swim I felt like my strep throat had returned...and my nose was running like crazy. Ugh--I am *so* tired of doing nothing while I get better. And to make matters more annoying, I realized I was supposed to swim for 45 minutes, not 30! I never read my schedule wrong!!

Today I had my bag packed, but I was at work later than expected and i'm having my book club over tonight and i'm making dinner! Penne a la vodka =0 and some salad and bread..the penne is a family recipe (sort of), YUM....so, I need to get my house in order!

I've also decided my blog has been boring without pictures...so, i'll add some.....non-triathlon related since it's the "off season" =0

OH--and my 5K this past Saturday was canceled, due to rain and winds here in San Diego so i'm excited I didn't miss it and hopefully they'll reschedule it!!

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Angie said...

Hey, Love the pics! Hope you get to feeling better!