Monday, January 21, 2008

For those of you who thought Ironman training was a bad idea...

You'll love that I actually stuck with my commitment and ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday! Yes, I was still coughing and battling phlegm, but I thought 'hey, i'm not getting any better, or worse,' and my friend Shannon flew in from DC, so why not. Probably wasn't my best or brightest idea yet, but I did it!

Some interesting anecdotes from the day: I had one guy at a water station ask me if I was ok because "you look terrible.". Great! I was already feeling badly, now I LOOK BAD? So funny! =0. He asked this as I was hacking up a lung, so I guess his question was fair game. I could barely answer, just gave a nod and smile and said a raspy "thanks..doing ok".

The other story, I was wearing a shirt from Ironman, I wore it partially to motivate myself =0, and this guy runs up to me and he's like "Ironman! You've done an IRONMAN. *THIS* Should be a piece of cake." I kind of raspingly said "kinda......(pant pant) sick.....but, thanks!" I ran with him for a bit, very sweet guy, just very "you go girl."

My biggest mistake of the day..I forgot my inhaler! I know, don't even go there! I also had basically arranged a doctors appointment last week specifically to have a new inhaler to try. I'm trying a slightly stronger form of albuterol before training, and doing singulair daily. So, as I was trying to cough, I was having some breathing difficulty.

Shannon and I started out together and I knew from the second she was bouncing around, she was feeling *great* so, I didn't want to hold her back, and we decided ahead of time, as soon as I told her to "go," she would go and not feel bad =0. So, mile TWO. Yes, mile TWO (I thought seriously I could hang with her), I told her to go..glad I did, because if I wanted to finish, I needed to take some breaks to breath and get air in for a bit!

Anyway, my time was the slowest half i've done as a stand-alone half in probably 2 years, but I'm proud of myself for sticking with it, though, I definitely had my doubts in the beginning when I wasn't breathing so well! I finished in 2:01......not bad for choking part of the way!

And...I paid for being sick too, my legs are "oh so sore!". It's ok, worth every second and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! And Shannon, the little rabbit finished in 1:46.....AWESOME!! She's doing the DC Marathon in March and is going to ROCK. We met when we played competitive tennis together in high school, so it's super awesome to watch us turn into "runners," now! It was a terrific weekend!

I saw a lot of people from my cycling group, the Velo Bella's!! YAYY! GO BELLA'S! They all had a great day it looked like! Thank you guys for your comments on my last post, I was looking for some people to commiserate with, so I feel better that you guys let me vent and now i'm back to my self again! =0.

More soon!

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