Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back on track!!

Swim: 60 was "ok" very slow, but I was shaking my legs out from the Half Marathon. My swim went like this-
500 warm up
4x25 moderate pace
3x300 slower pace
5x50 moderate pace (I was doing these on 1:00...which should be easy for wasn't!).
500 slower pace
200 kick
100 pull
Total: 2550 meters. For those curious as to what this equals to in miles: 1.58 miles (approx).

Cycle yesterday: 60 minutes on the trainer. I know, for those of you freezing in Boulder and the rest of the US, the reason I rode inside here in San Diego is because it got too dark to ride outside! So, I did about 12.3 miles on the, yeah, very slow!

Today I ran for 30 minutes (3.5 miles)...I really forced myself to go slow since it was my first run since the half on Sunday....speaking of, I think my coach was kind of surprised I did the Half Marathon, I think she probably would have preferred that I didn't do it, since I was still coughing decently. Maybe this will get me points later in the season when i'm feeling wimpy about some training???

After I ran...I dragged myself to the gym and did my weight lifting for my legs (to help with my knee pain). I did the Lat ONE arms weight I did. I know, rediculous, but I forgot to bring a snack with me after running and my lunch wasn't big, I had to limit my weight time after my leg exercises......I forget how hungry I got.

I also cycled on the trainer for 60 minutes, this time going a whopping fast 12.5 miles! Hehe...I try to get creative, so in every "ten minute" blocks, I crank up the gears and I pretend i'm climbing for two solid minutes, I get off the saddle and I stand and go for two minutes.

I'm super excited to be back on track! YAY! Stay tuned! Tomorrow Dave and I are going to see "The Spirit of the Marathon" with our friends Mara and John, should be super inspirational!

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