Thursday, January 31, 2008

Solid Run!

Wahoo!! Claps! I do some of my runs at a lake near the Mira Mar Marine Corps Base.....and I love it there. One lap is 5 miles around and it's not completely flat (it doesn't have substantial climbs either) but it's good for a little "rolling." Anyway, my "PR" for one lap around the lake is 42 minutes and that was close to my peak in Ironman training. I've never really "raced," myself around the lake because I usually go for my long runs there and so i'm not at "full pace." Anyway, yesterday I learned just how great my inhaler is! Seriously, it allows me to breathe so much better! I'm not a regular asthmatic, at least to the point where I have "attacks" etc. But, I do have it badly enough that I have bad coughing fits and trouble breathing during regular exercise.

Anyway, for some odd reason, I felt great and set a new "PR" for myself! 41 minutes for 5 miles! Very excited about that. Especially because I feel like I did that at a normal pace, I was not sprinting. I was moving along, but I felt like I could maintain that pace!

I had to run for 45 minutes so I added some distance on at the end. So, it was a 45 minute run, followed by 8 strideouts held for 15 seconds. We do strideouts in track and it's where you push yourself hard for a few seconds, I don't think it's an "all out sprint" but you're pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Then, I was good--I drove to the gym and did my weight lifting! And then I swam for 30 minutes! I was super lazy, I did a 500, 500, and then a 500 made up of a few random things.....very slow! Felt nice to stretch out in the pool and I'm really trying to focus on my stroke.

I'd like to track someone down here in San Diego to take a look at my stroke. Honestly, I haven't had that done since I was pulled out of the pool at age 8 on swim team and my coach laid me down on a lawn chair and moved my arms the way I was supposed to be moving! Because I am deaf--I couldn't hear the coach's instructions, so I think she was finally like, ok, let's do this on land! Anyway, I grew up with a *super* strict coach and not the nicest of individuals (she was later found guilty of embezzling money from our team!), however, she made me a decent swimmer. However, that was over 20 years ago. I realize i'm doing some things wrong and i'd like to get those things fixed!!

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