Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I wanted to post a picture, but can't find any good recent ones...then, I found this one =0. Here are our dogs! Parma is on the left (she's a mix and fiercely fast) and Brownie (the cocker spaniel) is on the right! (Parma is the town in Italy where my grandfather is from) and Brownie is named after Dave's favorite beer--Newcastle Brown Ale =0

It was freezing on my bike ride today. Yes, I consider 52 degrees in the shade by the ocean "freezing," now that I live in San Diego. I used to be my dad's youngest who never complained about being cold on the ski slopes even when my snot was frozen to my cheek =0. Now, I take baths daily and I tell Dave my body temperature is all off (he just shakes his head and laughs at me). I don't know *what* happened to me, but I am a cold-wimp now. I used to pride myself on the fact that I could handle the cold and if I *really* wanted to do whatever activity it was (skiing, swimming in May in Virginia when it really was cold) I would suck it up. Now, i'm so wimpy!

Anyway, yesterday was a day off, but I lifted weights! Today, I had a 60 minute ride with a 4x5 minutes, which means there are four times during the ride where I have to go hard for five minutes (Sorry for those of you who understand this perfectly well =0, most of my family members and some friends do not!). I thought I was doing great, cruising at a comfortable pace around 18.5 mph, and then my first five minutes I went out too hard, as in, I kept looking at my watch and a the one minute mark, I could no longer maintain the 22 mph I was doing. That was really dumb. So, for the next few sections, I tried to find where I was pushing hard enough so that I could maintain, but it wasn't easy that I could sustain it for a long period of time. I think it ended up being a little over 20 mph. Ugh.

Then, I hopped off my bike and ran for 30 minutes. It's funny, I almost like brick workouts (when I bike then run immediately) then running by itself. I honestly think it's because my legs are warmed up, even though they're a little wobbly. Had a really solid run.

I want to go fast! I want to swim efficiently and go fast, I want to cycle with ease and have the perfect balance between my cadence, heart rate and efficiency, and i'd sell my right arm to be able to run a 7:3o mile with ease =0. Is this too much to ask for?? (probably, at least right now!)

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